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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 12
You woke up and saw the young guardian sitting beside you. Concerned, you touched his shoulders and he swerved to look at you. He gave you a smile and touched your hands. You looked at the time and you have to prepare for schooling.

In the living room, Jack's standing there, staring at you while you're eating the last of your toast. The young guardian leaned on his staff and you noticed that he wants to tell you something. You looked at him and waited for him to say something.

"Can I come to your school?" Jack asked, breaking the silence between the both of you. You nodded with delight and his lips twisted into a joyful smile.

After a few minutes, you both walked to school and talk to each other softly to avoid giving yourself attention.

Arriving at your room, the winter spirit sat on the table at the back. You giggled as he talked to you from behind and secretly giving him gesture to answer. Your first professor entered and started the class after greeting you all. Fortunately, he's kind, but the other one next to him, your Biology teacher, is not even close to kind.

You keep looking at the back using a mirror and grinned at the young guardian when you noticed he's really paying attention. Luckily, you're not getting caught. It's your Biology subject already and your grumpy, vogue teacher came in and said his favorite words, POP QUIZ.

The students groaned including you, even though you reviewed but you know your professor will try anything for the students not to pass his beloved, hard pop quiz.

The young guardian grinned and didn't know what pop quiz is. He flew above the room carefully, avoiding making any frigid wind inside and watched you from above while you're answering. You noticed that he's looking at you and secretly looked up and grinned at Jack who smiled back at you.

The young guardian was paying attention to every subject and really learned something.

After class, you both went back home, you bought a new door knob, replacing the one that the young guardian broke and immediately continued walking back to your house for you to review and answer some tiring homework. While studying in the living room, Jack looked at you while answering and surprisingly he answered some of it correctly.
"You really did pay attention, did you?" you said with a grin and the young guardian laughed.

"Accidentally paid attention." He corrected.

"Oh wait… I have to get something from my room." You said and the young guardian abruptly nodded while looking at your books. You giggled and kissed the young guardian's cheek that made him blush.

"Aw… you're still blushing." You said and the young guardian glared at you with a smile.
You ran upstairs to your room and when you opened your door, your jaw dropped because of what you saw inside. You screamed as loud as you can and suddenly the young guardian grabbed his wooden staff and flew to you.

"Don't… scream. I'm not going to hurt you!" The Easter Bunny said trying to out loud your voice.

Suddenly, Jack came and looked at what you're pointing.

"What are you doing here?!" Jack exclaimed with anger and walked closer to Bunnymund.
The Easter Bunny looked around the room and put his palms up facing the young guardian.
"Not my idea, mate. North made me do it." He said nervously and looked at the winter spirit. "I'm dead…" Bunny muttered.

Jack swerved to look at you and noticed that you're stunned and frozen. He laughed and hugged you tightly and kissed your forehead.

"That's the…" He looked at the Easter bunny with an evil grin before he continued, "Easter Mascot."

The young guardian laughed, remembering what you said about Bunnymund. The Easter Bunny got pissed off and started to walk towards Jack.

"What are you calling me?" He asked frantically and the young guardian crossed his arms and turned to the furious Bunny.

"You heard me…" he said coldly while giving him a peculiar smile.

"Is that the Easter Bunny?" you whispered at the young guardian who nodded and still looking at his rival.

"What are you doing here?" Jack asked again but with an angry face this time.

The Easter Bunny suddenly became nervous and thinking about of escaping but he knows that the young guardian won't stop chasing him. He breathed deeply and looked at Jack and glanced at you.

"He wants me to…" Bunny said and noticed that the young guardian is rather serious, "spy on you."

Jack got furious and was about to slammed his staff when you touched the young guardian's hands. Jack sighed deeply and looked at you with his soft blue eyes as you looked at him with a grin.

"Now what?" Jack continued asking the Easter Bunny.

"I don't really know." Bunny said feeling a little embarrassed. You noticed that the Easter Bunny gave a gesture that he wants to talk to the young guardian.

You whispered to Jack's ear and he nodded. After a minute or two you went downstairs and waited for Jack in the living room while continuing your assignments.

"North wants to meet her." Bunnymund said suddenly when you left.

"Oh….ok…" Jack said coldly and continued, "So North will park his wicked, old sleigh in the middle of the street while carrying the Sandman, you and the Tooth fairy? Brilliant!" He said deadpanned.

The Easter Bunny glared and crossed his arms. "Magic portal, idiot!" he yelled angrily and the young guardian feigns a smile.

"Ma-magic portal?" He said curiously, "You'll send her in the north pole?" he added.

"Just for one night, mate." The Easter Bunny explained further.

"When?" Jack asked seriously while looking at him.

"This Saturday, North said." He replied.

The young guardian scratched his head and leaned on his wooden staff while looking on the floor.

"Will she-"

"Of course she will. She's going to kill me If I didn't agree with North." Jack said cutting off the Easter Bunny who's hiding his grin.

"I saw that…" Jack said giving Bunny a warning. "Is that all?" He added and looked at the Easter Bunny.

Bunnymund walked closer to the young guardian and leaned closer to his ear and whispered, "Stay her away from Tooth as far as you can."

The young guardian didn't know what Bunnymund is saying. He raised his brow and the Easter Bunny shook his head with a grin.

"Just- just do it." he added and tap the floor twice and a hole formed and the Easter bunny hopped in.

The young guardian looked up and breathed deeply. He went downstairs and saw you stretching and he knows that you're already done. You notice the young guardian and looked at him with a grin.

"So?" You asked inquisitively and walked to him.

"North wants to meet you…" Jack said cordially and your mouth was half opened and the young guardian pushed your chin up, closing your mouth.
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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