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December 14, 2012
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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 13:

"Santa wants to meet me?!" You exclaimed, panicking around your house while the young guardian stared at you blankly. "Wh- why?" you added and stopped walking around.

"Why do you think?" He said serenely and smirked at you.

"I don't know!" you shouted and touched your head with both of your hands. Jack supported you while you sit on the couch and trying to calm you down. He brushed your (length/color) hair. The young guardian touched your face and turned for you to face his handsome face.

"North is like a father to me since I joined the guardians." He explained casually and stared at your (e/c). "Even if he doesn't know it." he muttered.

You smiled and shook your head while uttering a small laugh. "Bunnymund and Sandy, I treat them like brothers and Tooth as a sister." He breathed and glanced at you with a grin, "and I think North just want to meet my girlfriend."

You widened your eyes with surprise and your heart smiled wildly when you heard what Jack just said. He kissed your forehead and rubbed your cheeks with his pale, soft, cold fingers gently. You closed your eyes to fell his warm touched and opened after a few seconds.

"So… you coming?" He asked cordially and you nodded slowly. Jack hugged you tightly and utters a laugh.

"When exactly?" You asked curiously.
"This Saturday." He said and scratched his head when he remembered that there's something he forgot to tell you, "did I…" he said nervously, "did- did I mention that… you're going to the North pole… for one night?"

Your jaw dropped and shook your head and looked at the young guardian, "did you just say… North- North pole?" you asked trying to be sure if you heard it correctly.

"Yu…p" Jack said and leaned on his staff as he looked at you while you wiped your face.

"I'm going to North pole…" you whispered and glanced at the young guardian with a grin, "NORTH POLE!" you shouted with delight that made the winter spirit jump and laugh after.

You sighed deeply and stared at Jack Frost who looked back at you curiously. "What?" he asked inquisitively.

"I just can't believe it…" you said cordially and the young guardian raised his brow.
"Can't believe… what?" he asked.

"I can't believe that… Jack Frost is my boyfriend who's friends with Santa, The Easter Bunny, the Sandman, the Tooth fairy and on Saturday… I'm going to North pole with…. With what?" you asked thinking how will you go there.

"Oh… with… uhm… ma-magic portal." Jack said.

You scratched your head and blinked your eyes a couple times and having a hard time taking all in. You stared at Jack Frost blankly and smiled after.

"Guardians, magic portals, magic staff… " you said breathlessly and the young guardian kissed your forehead.

"You'll get used to it…" he said heartily.

Suddenly your house telephone rang and you hurriedly answered it excitedly to hear your parents' voice.

"Hey Mom!" you shouted with delight, "Yes, I'm fine." you added. You talked to each other for half an hour but in the end, your smile became a frown. "Oh… ok mom- No, its fine…."
you said sadly. "Alright mom- love you too and tell dad that I love him too."

You hang up and the young guardian noticed that you're getting sleepy.

"Let's go, you need to sleep." He said cordially.

You and Jack went to your room and you did your before- bedtime routines before lying on your bed. The young guardian watched you while standing beside your window, as you tucked yourself in. You notice that the winter spirit is looking at you with a grin. You invited him to come closer to you and he did.

You touched his cold, pale hands and closed your eyes and ignored the frigid feeling on the young guardian's hand. After a few minutes you fell asleep and Jack is watching you while he's sitting on your bed by your side. He brushed your (length/color) hair and kissed your cheek.
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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