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December 14, 2012
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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 15:

"What's taking them so long?" North said while walking across the room and looked at the clock and noticed that you and Jack are three minutes late.

Suddenly the magic portal opens and North's face enlightened and he felt excited.
"Positions everybody!" He yelled with his Russian accent.

The Sandman got woken up, alarmed and looked at the leader while saying something above his head using his dream dust.

"Jack's coming." North said excitedly and the Tooth fairy's lips twisted into a rare smile and one of her forms fainted but the thing is, she doesn't know that you're with the young guardian.

She started to give instruction to her forms nervously and after a minute or two Jack went out of the portal.

He crawled out of the sack feeling giddy. He shook his head and quickly and grabbed his wooden staff and turned to the portal, preparing to catch you.

"Who's in the other bag?" Tooth asked herself feeling confused when she saw Jack caught it and put it down gently.

"That was fun!" You said joyfully and the young guardian laughed and helped you to stand up.

He brushed your (length/color) hair out of your face and touched your face checking if you got dizzy or something.

"I'm fine." You said seriously with a grin and the young guardian utters a little laugh.
"Who's that?" Tooth whispered at North but the leader widened his eyes and trying to avoid looking at the Tooth fairy.

"Wow…." You said almost breathless, "You got to be kidding me…" you added while looking around the place.

"I know!" Jack said with a laugh, "That's exactly what I said when I first came here."
You looked at Jack and noticed the other guardians looking at you and got shy all of the sudden.

"Welcome (F/n)!" North said joyfully. "I'm North and I think Jack told you about me." He added.

You nodded bashfully and walked closer to Jack. The young guardian looked at you and noticed that you became shy and speechless. He put his arm around your shoulder and walked towards the other guardians.

"You know Bunny right?" Jack said and you nodded and looked at the Easter Bunny and smiled back at you but gave an angry face at the young guardian.

"And this is the Sandman." He said while looking at Sandy. "We call him Sandy." He added.
You didn't expect what the Sandman would look like but you got amazed by his form. He's made of a golden like sand and you giggled when he waved at you joyfully.

"Hi Sandy…" you said cordially and he started to say something. You looked at the young guardian asking him what's he saying but he also doesn't know.

"Why don't you say something Sandy?" North said with a grin and the Sandman burst dream sand from his two ears obviously that he's angry. You giggled sweetly and the Sandman blushed and became bashful of the sudden.

"And this is the Tooth fairy." Jack continued. You saw Tooth smiled at you and waved a little peculiar so you just smiled at her politely.

"So what do you think (F/n)?" North asked with a grin while spreading his arms.

"This place is…. Amazing…" you said sweetly with a smile and the leader gave a laugh.

Suddenly you heard something from behind you and saw an elf and another one and another one. You looked at Jack and gave him a curious face.

"Are those… elves?" You asked and he nodded.

One of the elves holding a tray with cookies walked towards you and reached the tray to you but the young guardian passed his staff by the elf and it suddenly became frozen. You looked at the witty young guardian and raised your brow with a grin.

"You really don't want to eat that." He said with a weird smile and you shook your head while uttering a laugh.

"So!" Jack exclaimed and looked at North, "How's the naughty list?" he added while walking around the room with his wooden staff resting on his shoulders.

You glared and crossed your arms while looking at the young guardian with a sweet grin. North looked at you and gave a weird smile.

"You hold the record… again." North said gloomily and breathed deeply. "What did this clown say to you to make you his-" Bunnymund was about to continue when the young guardian slammed his staff on the floor and cold, strong wind blew towards them.

They all covered their faces and peeked at the young guardian. Your mouth is half opened and stared at the winter spirit in front of you.

"You're saying?" Jack said angrily as he leaned on his staff and while looking at the Easter Bunny. Bunnymund gulped hard and looked at North.

"Music!" He shouted Jack looked at the elves surrounding you and him.

"No music!" he yelled furiously and one of the elves banged its instrument down and punched his fellow elf.

You covered your mouth while hiding your laugh when you saw Jack got angry. North looked at you nervously and giving you a gesture. You walked towards the young guardian and put your arm around his waist. He blinked twice, surprised and turned his head to look at you and saw you giving him a smirk.

He sighed deeply and shook his head. He loosens his grip of his staff and looked at his scared fellow guardians.

"Don't you wanna tour (F/n)?" Jack snapped with a grin. North's face enlightened and put his hands on his waist.

"Of course we do!" He shouted joyfully. The young guardian put his arm around your shoulders and started walking around following the leader.

The Tooth fairy and her forms stared at you from behind with their hands crossed while flying. The Sandman keeps talking to you and you don't have any idea what he's saying. You're just giving him a polite grin and nods all the time.

You saw yetis are pretty busy working and looked around to search for the elves but you saw them just joking around and… hurting themselves. Jack noticed your stare at the elves and he laughed and got your attention.

"I also thought elves are the one making the toys." He whispered and you giggled. While walking you saw Christmas ball coming towards you fortunately you crouched down and the young guardian froze a couple of elves.

"Stupid elves…." He murmured and continued walking. You passed by the elves and you their eyes moved while their frozen.

"They'll be fine!" Jack suddenly snapped noticing you're looking at the frozen, irritating, poor elves.

"I'm not worried about them…" you murmured but loud enough for the young guardian to hear.
"Please…. Like I'll do that to you…" he said and gave an evil smile when he heard you
sighed in relief, "unless…" he added and you shrugged.

"Try it and I'll melt you!" You said angrily while shaking your fist in front of the young guardian.

"I'm just kidding!" He said and gave you a shaky smile. You laughed and passed by the winter spirit and he scratched his head while looking at you in front of him.

After a few hours of walking around North's place Jack noticed that you're getting tired you're just not showing it. Suddenly Jack gave you his staff and asked you to hold it. The other guardians got shocked about what the young guardian just did.

He doesn't want anyone to touch his beloved wooden staff but he asked you to hold it for him. You felt troubled and he abruptly carried you, bride-style.

"Woah, hey!" you shouted and felt surprise. "Wha-"

The young guardian looked at you with his bright light blue eyes which made you speechless and breathless.

"Is dinner ready?" Jack asked North and he nodded without even noticing it. "Meet you at the dining room! He shouted joyfully and glanced at you.

"Let's go." He said heartily and looked around the place.

"You are gonna-" You got cut off when Jack jumped and flew to the dining room. You covered your eyes while holding Jack's staff as the young guardian is laughing at you. Jack put you down and you're trembling while you sat on the chair.

"A little warning next time…" you said in a low voice and the young guardian pinched your nose.

You noticed that the foods are already prepared on the table and you looked at them with amazement. You glanced at the young guardian who's leaning on his staff.

"Wow this is… like a feast…" you said and laughed.

A few minutes later, the other guardians came and Jack swerved behind him to look at them. The winter spirit saw something peculiar about the leader.

"I don't know Santa wears glasses…." You muttered.

"He doesn't…" Jack answered back and stared at North.

They all sat on their sits and of course, you sat beside the young guardian. You all started talking and laughing at each other. You also noticed that the Tooth fairy is not talking much and you saw Sandy fell asleep while eating which made you laughed a little.
"So Jack Fridge…." Bunnymund said and got everybody's attention, even Sandy woke up upon hearing it and they all looked nervously at the two rivals as the young guardian feigns a laugh.

"What did you call me? Easter Mascot?" He asked irritatedly and looked at the Easter Bunny with anger.

You slowly drank from your glass of water while looking at the two. You glanced at North who obviously scared of what's going to happen. The Easter Bunny suddenly stood up and put his hands on the table angrily as he leaned closer to the young guardian in front of him.
"I am not a mascot, mate!" He yelled. The young guardian clutches his staff and stood up to confront the Easter Bunny.

"Yes you are…" Jack insisted trying to faze the Bunnymund. Sandy stared at the two and his eyes slowly closed and didn't notice that he fell asleep again. "You're an Easter Mascot who's scared of greyhounds!" the winter spirit added.

The Easter Bunny brought out his egg bombs and Jack grasped his staff tighter. "You should remember this day…" Bunnymund said serenely and the young guardian's eyes became shaper.
"Why?" he asked furiously and a bit curious.

"Because…." He said and prepared to throw and egg bomb, "I'm going to kill a talking fridge today!" He exclaimed.

Before a rampage happens, North banged the table hard and took off his glasses. They all froze and looked at the leader.

"Stop!" He exclaimed, "Or I'll put you both in a room." The two guardians suddenly gulped and looked at each other nervously, "and you know what room I'm talking about!" he added.
Both of them sat back with their arms crossed. You looked at North who blinked at you and you smiled back sweetly.

"I don't know you wear glasses." You said feeling curious about Santa having a glasses all of the sudden.

"Oh no, child!" He said joyfully with his strong Russian accent, "I'm just wearing these to dramatically remove it to show anger." All of you looked at North with troubled and curious faces, "because it's weird to do it with contact lenses." He added.

"Oh…. wow…." You all said gloomily.
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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