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December 16, 2012
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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 16: One Night at North Pole

Jack ushered you to his room and left you there to give you time to change. He waited outside till you're done. Suddenly the Easter Bunny passed by and saw the young guardian waiting in front of his door.

"How are you doing mate?" The Easter bunny asked politely and the young guardian felt troubled about Bunnymund's kindness.

"Just…. fine." He said simply and looked down and observed that working yetis below.
"Good, good…" Bunnymund said with a couple of nods and while looking at his boomerang. "She's rather special to you huh?" he added.

The young guardian felt comfortable with the Easter Bunny that time and they talk for a while and seriously having a good conversation.

"Oh and North wants you do to something for him…" The Easter Bunny said and looked at the young guardian attentively.

"What is it?" the winter spirit asked curiously while looking at Bunnymund.

"He wants you to ask (F/n) what she felt while holding your staff." He said serenely. The young guardian raised his brow and nodded feeling unsure and curious about North's favour.
Suddenly the door opened and Bunnymund started to mock the young guardian and blinked at him secretly before he left.

"Sorry for waiting you." you said cordially and the winter spirit just smiled at you and entered the room.

You grabbed your sketch book and pencil and sat on the chair facing the window with a beautiful breath taking view. You sat on the chair and opened a blank page on your sketch pad and started sketching.

The young guardian stood behind you and peeked while you're sketching and grinned when he saw it. You looked up and saw the young guardian's beautiful, icy, blue, bright eyes and smiled at him sweetly and went back to your work.

"You know what… " you said breaking the silence.

"What?" The winter spirit asked inquisitively and moved his face closer to you cheek.
"This is the best Saturday ever…" you said with a grin. The young guardian bushed your hair and kissed your cheek with his cold, pale thin lips and slides it softly to your ear and whispered.

You giggle as he nibbles your ear while closing your eyes. He backed away and kissed your head and leaned on his staff after until you finished your sketching.

You stood up and put your sketchbook on the chair and sat beside the young guardian on his bed. You noticed that he's staring at you for a while and got curious the way he does it.
"What?" You asked curiously and wiped your face gently. He touched your hands and put it down as he breathed deeply.

"I want to ask you something…" he said cordially and noticed that you're listening to him attentively. "North wants to know what you felt when you hold my staff lately." He added.
You blinked a couple of times and looked at his wooden staff. "Nothing…" you said simply and unsure if that's the right answer. "Why?" you added.

"I don't really know it… yet." He said and looked at his staff. "North didn't tell me straightforward actually." He added.

You suddenly yawn and the winter spirit carried you and lay you down properly on his bed gently. You tucked yourself in while Jack's turning the night light on and sat beside you after.

"You're not going to sleep yet?" you asked thoughtfully while brushing the young guardian's hair.

He shook his head and touched your soft hands and rubbed it against his pale, cold cheeks gently and kissed it after.

"Nope, not yet." He said simply, "I have something to do downstairs." He added.
You nodded slowly while cuddling the young guardian's hand and he suddenly leaned closer to you and gave you a sweet, soft kiss.

Your cheeks turned deep red when he parted and looked into your (e/c) bright eyes. He brushed your hair as you close your eyes and fell asleep.
The young guardian stood up and when he turned he saw the Easter Bunny looking at him with a peculiar smile of his.

The young guardian's face blushed and bashful as he pushed Bunnymund out and closed the door behind him and walked downstairs without saying anything.

"Oh… someone's-"

The young guardian swerved and gave the Easter Bunny an angry look that made him gulped and to stop talking. The winter spirit went to North's workplace like he said to them earlier.

When he and the Easter Bunny entered the room, they saw the others waiting for them and saw North standing in front of the fire place with his arms crossed.

Bunnymund closed the door gently and stood near his fellow guardians and waited for someone to talk.

"So… Jack Frost," North said breaking the silence upon them, "what did she say?" he added.

They all looked at the young guardian who's sitting on the table while leaning on his wooden staff. He looked each one of them and at North when he turned to look at him.

"She felt nothing." Jack said serenely and his fellow guardians looked to North.

"Bunnymund," North said and the Easter Bunny looked at the leader, "touch Jack's staff." The all looked at him blankly and the Easter Bunny glanced at the young guardian.

"Why?" Jack asked sounded like he's opposing North.

"You'll see." He said seriously and the young guardian stared at Bunnymund.

Jack reached his staff and the Easter Bunny walked closer and looked at North to see if he's really serene but obviously he is.

Bunnymund breathed deeply and grasped Jack's wooden staff. Suddenly he shouted and he abruptly retrieved his hands and touched it with his other hands.

"What just happened?" Jack asked feeling shock about the Easter Bunny.

"There's kind of cold electric shock stroked through my hand!" Bunnymund shouted and covered his hands to give heat.

Jack looked at the leader who nodded with his eyes closed when he listened to Bunnymund, shockingly and glanced back at the Easter Bunny.

"Sandy…." North said and the Sandman doesn't want to but North's giving him a scary stare that made him obey. The Sandman touched it with one finger and shakes it off after and put it in his mouth.

"Tooth…" North continued and she did and the same thing happened. "You see now Jack?" He added.

Jack looked at his wooden staff and clutches it tightly. "Even I can't hold your staff when I tried it." North continued. The young guardian walked towards the leader and looked at him with his confused face.

"What about when (F/n) touched it she didn't react like that besides it's too painful for her to hide it but why-"

"I don't know…" North said softly cutting the young guardian and looked at him with his soft eyes, "that staff picked you as its owner." He explained, "But I don't really understand why it didn't react to (F/n) when she touched It." he added.

"Your staff is a part of you now and (F/n) is a part of you too making it part of your staff." He explained further.

"Jack… you loved a human." North added and all of the guardians' eyes felt pity about the young guardian even the Tooth fairy, "Do you know what that-"

Jack slammed his staff on the floor with anger that made his fellow guardians covered themselves from the cold. The young guardian looked at North with anger and sadness in his eyes and the leader put his hands on his shoulders and looked at him.

"Don't remind me…." Jack said furiously but his tone felt lonely and scared. "There's a way… there is ALWAYS a way…" he added. North grinned and patted the young guardian's head. "

"Of course there is… and we will find it." North said and the winter spirit's face enlightened and looked up to North.

"Thanks… North." He said heartily.

"Go to sleep now, it's getting late." North cordially and the young guardian nodded with delight. He ran to his room after leaving the other guardians behind.

"Is it possible mate?" Bunnymund asked North feeling concerned about Jack.

"Anything's possible…" North said simply.
Sorry for the late post everyone. I was so busy buying Christmas gifts to people I love so, sorry for the delay.

Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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