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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 17:

You're helping North to prepare for Christmas and having fun while doing it. The little unhelpful elves are doing their best to faze the yetis which made you laugh and giggle all the time. Suddenly you heard the young guardian calling your name as he fly around North's place and didn't notice you below.

"(F/N)!" He yelled worriedly and heard your laugh. Jack glanced at you and gave you an irritated look as he flew closer.

"I've been looking everywhere for you!" he said frantically and you touched his pale cheeks that him calm down.

"I'm just helping here and it's fun!" yo u said with delight and giggle. He grinned at you and pinched your nose before you went back to work.

Sandy came and calling both of you for breakfast. The young guardian carried you and flew to the dining room. You saw the other guardians there, waiting. You all took a sit and the food, delivered by the elves, came. After the meal North decided to go out before you go and you nodded cheerfully. North gave you warm clothes and wore it before going out.

"It's getting cold!" you yelled to the winter spirit when you felt frigid after a few minutes.

"It's because you're just standing right there!" he said with a laugh and pinched your nose. He backed away and he made a snowball. Jack blinked at you and you know what he's thinking.

"Oh no, no, no!" you shouted but he's not listening. He's getting ready to throw the snowball and you started to run away.

"Look at Sandy. He's not cold or shivering at all!" Jack said aloud and laughed when the Sandman got stuck on the deep snow and North tried to help him but instead he got baffled too.

"Don't you think you should help them instead of laughing at them?" you said with a smirked and looked at the naughty young guardian.

"No!" The winter guardian shouted and looked at you as you glared at him. Suddenly you threw a snowball and hit Jack right on the face. His laugh disappeared and started to chase after you. After a few minutes of running you gave up but the winter spirit is not still stopping.

"Ok, ok, ok. I don't want to play anymore… I need to rest." You said with a grin while catching your breath.

"Oh no… I'm not buying that!" he yelled frantically and you stood in front of him and you touched his face and gave a smack kiss that made him drop the snowball he's holding.

"There…. Buy that!" you said with a laugh while you're staring at his shocked face and sat on the rock beside where Bunnymund's sitting on.

"Hey… why are you not joining the others?" You asked the Easter Bunny thoughtfully and looked at his green bright eyes.

"I'm… not really a winter kind of… bunny, (F/n)." he said bashfully and you gave him a polite smile.

"What about you?" Bunnymund asked as you looked at the young guardian fazing his two sunken fellow guardians.

"Just resting after Jack chased after me for… about half an hour…." You said with feeling a bit angry at the young guardian.

Jack Frost is playing with his two angry guardians below him and keep throwing snowballs at them. "They look pathetic…" he muttered with a weird grin.

"I hear that Jack!" North shouted while holding Sandy and preventing him to go underneath, "I called to you a hundred times!" the angry leader exclaimed.

The naughty guardian walked to them and trying not to laugh but he can't help him whenever he's looking at the two guardians looking pathetic.

The head of Sandy is the only thing you can see from him and North's half body had sunken and the young guardian's is in front of them laughing while rolling in the white frigid snow.

After teasing and laughing at North and Sandy, he finally helped them and they both chased after the young guardian.

North and Sandy are throwing snowballs at Jack but none of it hit him. The young guardian is in the air still laughing at them and after a few moments later he went down in front of the Easter Bunny without realizing it.

"Come on! Give me your best shot!" Jack challenged the two abashed guardians and they both made the biggest snowball they can make and threw to the young guardian but unfortunately Jack ducked and Bunnymund got hit instead of the young guardian.

You covered your mouth and your eyes are opened wide with horror while looking at the… snow bunny lying in the ground full of snow. North and Sandy shivered and they stood there frozen. Bunnymund was flown into the ground and he stood up pretty furious and looked at the shaking young guardian pointing at North and Sandy.

The angry faced Easter Bunny turned to look at the two frozen nervous guardians standing a few steps from him and he brought out his Egg bombs and gave an evil smile.

"You want me to join?" Bunnymund said, "Alright… I'll join!" Bunnymund shouted and started to chase the running North and Sandy.

The young guardian laughed himself out and rolled over the white cold snow while hugging his stomach. You followed the grumpy Easter Bunny, the running frightened swords man and the cute little Sandman with your eyes and with your mouth half opened.

"Stop right there!" Bunnymund shouted while chasing North.

"Give me a reason why should I stop!" North answered back while running for his life.
"So that I can hit you with my Easter bomb!" Bunnymund said angrily and threw a bomb at the leader but missed.

"Who in the name of sanity wants to be hit by an Easter bomb?!" North exclaimed
"The one I'm chasing right now!" Bunnymund said.

Upon hearing that, you laughed with Jack and lie down on your back. You tried to stop laughing but you just can't you sat up and watched the guardians chasing each other.
Suddenly you heard North's big clock rang and all the guardians froze and looked at you. You gave them a polite sweet smile and they all nodded.

The Easter Bunny threw his egg bombs at the leader advantaging him. North's face became black and his beloved red suit got burned. Now the leader is the one chasing Bunnymund and all of you continued laughing.

"Hey North… I have to go." You said heartily when all of you went back in North's place while Jack's holding your belongings and reached it out to you.

"Alright child, be careful now." he said with his strong Russian accent. You grinned back and said your good byes to the other guardians. North opened the magic portal leading to your hometown and the winter spirit went home with you.

"HOME!" you said excitedly and jumped around your beloved house. "It's really weird…" you said and your face became gloomy all of the sudden, "I went to North Pole and now I'm here again in seconds… COOL!" you said joyfully and the young guardian hugged you tightly with a laugh.

Suddenly your door bell rang and you both looked at each other and have no idea who that is. You looked at the door hole first and saw your beloved cousin. You looked at Jack and put your index finger on your lips before opening the door.

"Hey!" you said joyfully and your cousin smiled with a grin.

"Hey (F/n)" he said back and hugged you tightly, "Where have you been yesterday?" he asked and you screamed in the inside and doesn't know what to say.

"Uhmm…" you stammered, "I… meet up with a friend… yeah." You said sounding unsure and your cousin is not really contented with your answer. He went inside your house and looked around.

"Which one?" he asked with a weird. "Which friend?" he asked again.

"You know… the one that went to… Canada." You said felling nervous.

"oh… I don't know about that." He said while looking around your house. You looked up and saw the young guardian on the ceiling.

"I went here yesterday and you're not home, I'm just checking on you he said with a grin."
"Oh, of course!" you said hiding your nervousness.

Your cousin finished looking around the house and said goodbye to you before he left. You closed the door and banged your head as you sighed with relief.

"That was close…" you muttered and the young guardian flew down and kissed your head, "are you not still hungry?" he asked you thoughtfully.

"Nope… Still full from the lunch at North's…" then you paused and the young guardian got curious.

"What?" he asked.

You shook your head and looked at the young guardian with a grin, "I just can't believe myself saying that…."

The young guardian laughed and gave you a smack kiss that made your eyes wider than before and your face became deep red.

"Aww… you're still blushing."
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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