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December 16, 2012
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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 18:

You're watching television but you've been moving side to side because your young winter spirit is observing the huge T.V screen in your living room. You can't really watch attentively and your favourite t.v show is on.

"Jack Overland Frost!" you yelled but he obviously he didn't listen. He keeps knocking the screen with his wooden staff and stared at it for couple minutes.

The young guardian grinned and turned to look at you, "You said my middle name." He said cordially and sat beside you.

"Finally!" you said with a bit of anger in your tone. You finally started to enjoy the show but unfortunately it's already over. "Damn!" you shouted furiously and turned off the television stubbornly.

"Can't you just play it again?" Jack said thoughtfully as he put his arm around your shoulder. "No!" you yelled frantically, "it's not a magic t.v Jack and this is not a magic remote not like your wooden magic staff!" You shouted with intense anger with the young guardian.

Jack Frost laughed and pinched you nose and kissed your forehead but that didn't make you feel any better. You stood up and put the remote down on the center table outrageously. You went upstairs leaving the young guardian behind, surprisingly, he's already in your room.

Groaning you went back downstairs and there he is again. Suddenly a hole appeared on the floor. You backed away from it and stared at it for a while.

"Bunnymund?" you thought and you are precisely right. The Easter Bunny jumped out of the hole and turned and greeted you warmly.

"Good after noon (F/n)!" Bunnymund said with a grin and swerved to glance at the young guardian. "Oh… hey frostbite." He said coldly.

The young guardian clutches his staff and looked at you. Still angry at the young guardian you stick your tongue out as you crossed your arms. You ran to the kitchen excitedly and grabbed a piece of fresh carrot.

"Heads up!" you said cheerfully and the Easter Bunny caught his favourite vegie. "Thanks mate!" he replied after he took a bite out of it. The young guardian glared and the Easter Bunny's chewing when he looked at the winter spirit.

"North wants you." Bunnymund said. Jack Frost sighed deeply as he scratched his white-silver hair. You took a sit while looking at the two guardians. The winter spirit looked at you, giving a message.

"What?" You asked curiously, "there's no way I'm going to say no." you added.

The young guardian groaned and the Easter Bunny talked by the time he finished his carrot, "He wants you… now." Bunnymund with said with a bit bossy in his voice.

"Just go," you said heartily when you noticed that the young guardian doesn't want to leave you alone. "I'll be at Jamie's place. I'll be babysitting him this evening."

Jack nodded cheerfully and looked at Bunnymund. The Australian accent Easter Bunny gave the young guardian a smile before he jumped back into the hole. You stood up and looked at the winter spirit as his smile faded.

"I'll be fine…" you said with your soft like silk voice. "Jamie will keep me company." You added.

"Alright," Jack suddenly said, "and tell him that I'll visit him." He added and gave you a big hug. "Sure thing…" you said whispered.

You watched your own superman as he fly away and waved at him before he's too far to be seen. You smiled sweetly and went back in and prepared for later.

North, while in his workplace, have been walking across the room for hours and can't take his eyes off on the enormous globe. A few moments later, the winter spirit came out of the portal and the man in the red suit sighed with relief.

"What happened?" Jack suddenly said as he went out of the sack. The young guardian looked at North's serene eyes and glanced at the globe. "It's him again, is it?" he asked.

"I'm afraid so." North said worriedly about the predicament they're in. "He's back and I presume you know what the reason is." He added and looked at the young guardian.

"Of course…" he said calmly as he grasped hi wooden staff. The Easter Bunny smiled with relish and glanced at the evil smiling young guardian.

"What are waiting for?" Jack said and looked at his fellow guardians. North and the others prepared for battle and went in the sleigh after.

"I wish (F/n) gave me another carrot. I could've saved it for this." Bunnymund said while holding his stomach and even the sleigh is not yet moving.

It's already seven in the evening when you arrived at Jamie's place and saw him waiting for you while sitting on the stairs. You gave him a sweet smile and knelt when he started to run to you.

"Oh, I miss you to kiddo…" you said heartily as he hugged you tightly. His mother stared at the both of you and grinned.

Suddenly Jamie's father opened the door and his parents reminded you again about the house's rules and regulations before they left. You waited them to enter the car before closing and locking the doors.

"Where's Jack Frost?" Jamie said with thrill in his eyes. You looked at the young boy and brushed his hair with a grin.

"If you want to see him…" Jaime clutches his hands with excitement as he waited you to continue, "First, you have to eat dinner, brush your teeth, clean up your room and dress up for bedtime."

Jamie nodded cheerfully and started running to the dining room. While you're heating up the food, the young boy keeps asking you if it is ready.

"Nope." You said serenely with a sweet grin. Finally, you put the food on the table and Jamie abruptly ate his food. You reminded him to eat slowly but he's too excited about the young guardian. He hurriedly drank his water and ran upstairs to brush his teeth and to wear his pyjamas.

After washing the dishes, the young boy called out to you and yelled that he's already done. You walked upstairs to his room and giggled when you saw him looking through the window waiting for the winter spirit.

"Wow! Your room is spotless!" You said sounding amazed and looked at the young boy while he's grabbing a chair and put it in front of his window. "Did you brushed your teeth?" you asked as you closed the door behind you.

"Yes ma'am!" Jamie said excitedly and swerved to look at you. "See!" he opened his teeth and pointed at it.

You giggled and stood beside the boy and looked at his teeth attentively. "Oh no!" you exclaimed and Jamie's face became sad as he looked at you.

"What's wrong?" he asked worriedly. You shook your head slowly and grinned after, "Your teeth is white as Jack Frost."

The kid smiled brightly and glanced back through his window. You sat on his bed and called the winter spirit but he's not answering. You tried for about ten times, still nothing. You looked at Jamie's whose still looking through the window with a sweet grin but after a few minutes you noticed that he's already asleep.

You carried the little boy and laid him in his bed properly. You sat on the chair in front of the window and tried to call the young guardian again.

"Where are you?" you muttered while you're dialling the young guardian. You looked at the poor Jamie whose expecting the young guardian but didn't come.

You stood up and walked to him. Staring at the young boy, you leaned and kissed his forehead and whispered. "Don't worry. He'll make it up to you. I promise."

You heard the doorbell rang and you hurriedly turned the little boy's nightlight and turned the light after. You glanced at the boy for the last time before you closed the door gently.

Jamie's parents are already here. His mother gave you your pay and thanked you again for the second time.

"You're very welcome ma'am. I'm glad that you trust me to look after your son." You said heartily. You grabbed your things and waved back at Jamie's parents.

While walking home, you looked at the time and didn't realize that it's already ten o'clock. You looked around worriedly as you put your hood on, observing the dark and quiet place around you.

"It's pretty late…" you whispered and suddenly you heard something coming from behind you. While looking behind, you noticed some… thing hiding in the shadows.
"Hello, (F/n)" a voice said. Your eyes widened and was about to run away when suddenly, about ten dark horse stood in front of you.

"Please… let me introduce myself…" the voice said again. Then a tall man with a greyish skin complexion, mixture of grey and yellow color eyes wearing a black long coat, came out from the dark. "My name is Pitch, also known as the Bogeyman." He added.

Your eyes widened with horror when you saw the man. You looked around and noticed that you're surrounded with black horses with fiery bright eyes.

Pitch walked closer and started circling while looking at you from head to foot. You whole body became frigid as the Bogeyman touched your hair. Pitch's lips suddenly twisted into an evil smile which made you shrugged and frozen.

"I admit…" he stated, "The winter spirit has a good taste." He said with a peculiar grin.
Suddenly your eyes are getting heavy and sleepy without knowing why. You're also hearing Pitch saying something but couldn't figure out what language he's using. After a few seconds you passed out leaving you to the hands of the evil, scary, vile king of nightmares.
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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