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December 16, 2012
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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 19:

"I found Pitch!" North exclaimed when he heard beeping sound coming from the sleigh. The young guardian felt relish and anger when he heard the Bogeyman's name. The Easter Bunny prepared his boomerangs and the Sandman had woken up upon hearing the villain's name.

The Tooth fairy started to look around trying not to keep her guard down. Suddenly, a big wave of dark horses is coming their way and the guardians prepared for battle.

"Hey Easter Kangaroo," Jack said with a weird grin and the Easter Bunny looked at the young guardian with his angry green eyes. "Who kills the most flying dark horses can make a consequence. Any consequence." He added.

Bunnymund clutches is boomerangs tightly and glared at the dark horses coming in their way, "Sure, mate but you must know that…. You already lost." He said boastfully and the winter spirit feigns a laugh.

"Nope. Here, I'll prove it." Jack replied.

The winter spirit and the Easter Bunny jumped out of the sleigh and started fighting the dark horses while counting.

Bunnymund throws egg bombs and landed on the roof of a building and continues to fight the dark horses. Throwing his boomerang, he noticed that the young guardian is killing more horses than him and started to fight more seriously.

North stood on the sleigh and took out his two swords and starting to attack the Bogeyman's work. The Sandman, floating in the air, is whipping horses that he can see or got too close to him while the Tooth fairy is flying around and looking after her fellow guardians.

Suddenly, Pitch's voice rose upon them and the dark horses started to vanish. The young guardian and the others followed a shining light bellow them. The Easter Bunny stayed in the sleigh with the leader and watched them from above.

"I have a little surprise for you…. Jack Frost." Pitch said to the young guardian when he stood in front of him.

The winter spirit clutches his staff as he walked closer to the Bogeyman. He looked around but saw no one there. The Sandman jumped beside Jack while the others are above in the sky watching the young guardian.

"If you are talking about yourself… Sorry to disappoint you but, I'm not that surprised." Jack said serenely.

The King of Nightmares laughed out loud and suddenly stopped as he looked at the young guardian serenely with that evil sile of his.

"Oh… I'm sure you'll be surprised." Pitch said.

A thick black like cloud started to form beside the Bogeyman. Jack Frost and Sandy prepared their weapons as they looked at the dark thing. Suddenly a bag appeared as the dark cloud disappeared. The young guardian looked at it attentively with his bright brave blue eyes a Pitch opened it and grabbed something inside it.

"You took something from me…" Pitch said with an angry tone and glanced at Jack with his furious eyes, "I'll take one of yours."

Jack widened his eyes with fear when he saw your body, hands and mouth got tied up. Tears rolled down on your cheek as you glanced at the young guardian. Pitch started to laugh as he strongly pulled your hair.

"How dare you?!" The young guardian said furiously. His staff started to glow brightly and the other guardians already know the situation.

"What are we going to do North?" Bunnymund said worriedly seeing you below with Pitch. "We have to help (F/n)!" he exclaimed.

"I know, Bunny. Just give me a minute to figure this one out." North said with his strong Russian accent.

"Look at her Jack Frost!" Pitch yelled. The Bogeyman looked at you and started to lean towards you.

"I'm going to finish you off!" Jack shouted with anger and he started to attack the Bogeyman.

Sandy is using his whip to attack Pitch and obviously he's having a hard time avoiding it. The young guardian was about hit the nightmare king but he used you as a shield. Jack abruptly backed away and Sandy stopped attacking.

"You are a coward!" The winter spirit yelled. "Why don't you fight me? I'm the one you want!"

Pitch laughed evilly and stared at the furious young guardian. He made a black knife and pointed at you. Jack was about to move closer but the bogeyman is moving the knife closer to you.

"Loving a human…" he muttered with a laugh, "how pathetic."

Jack is holding his ground to avoid you from getting hurt. Sandy looked up the young guardian with pity and glanced at you.

You tried to stop crying and keep telling yourself that everything will be fine. You need to be strong now for Jack and you need to do something. You looked around and saw the Easter Bunny signing you to jump when he gave you the signal.

"I don't want you Jack." Pitch said coldly and looked at you. "I want you to suffer and the most painful thing that I can do to you…." The young guardian clutches his staff and cold wind started to form around the place.

"Is to make your life as miserable as I can." Pitch glanced back at the young guardian and noticed that cold winds started to blow. "Shall I start with her?"

Suddenly a boomerang flew around and cut the rope tiding you up. You abruptly stamped the nightmare king's foot that made him release your hair. The Sandman whipped his arms and started banging him around the place. You jumped out of the building and the young guardian was about to follow but he noticed that the Easter Bunny caught you and the sleigh is on the way.

"Get the girl!" Pitch yelled and the dark horses surrounded you and Bunnymund. The sleigh is a little far from them and they have to fight and protect you until North gets here. The young guardian slammed his staff on the ground and the dark horses are defeated but more are coming after you.

"Me and Sandy will hold them, Bunnymund!" Jack called out and the Easter Bunny looked at the young guardian. "Protect (F/n)." he added.

"Sure thing, mate." Bunnymund replied with a grin.

Jack, Sandy and Bunnymund protected you from the dark horses until the sleigh comes. Watching the guardians fighting for you, you realized that you have to learn to protect yourself and to become strong to protect them. Suddenly you heard the sleigh coming and the Easter Bunny nodded as you looked at him.

Bunnymund threw his two boomerangs hitting a few horses. You jumped at the back of the Easter Bunny and when he got his weapons back, he jumped in the sleigh leaving the two guardians behind.

"Are you alright child?" North asked you thoughtfully. You gave him a nod with a grin and noticed that the leader smiled back at you feeling relieved that you're not hurt.

"What about Jack and Sandy?" you asked as you looked at them below. "We can't just-"

When you glanced back at the leader, you saw him giving you a small pouch. You opened it and saw a pair of blue peculiar designed gloves.

"What's this mate?" Bunny asked when he saw what you're holding. "She's being attacked and you're giving her a damn pair of gloves?" he added furiously.

You put it on and it started to glow beautifully. The Easter Bunny stopped talking and looked at the leader.

"What's this?" You said repeating what the Easter Bunny said.

"I'll explain later but first, you should look behind you." North said.

Both of you did look and saw a dark horse. The Easter Bunny was about to throw his boomerang when you threw him out of the sleigh.

"What did I just do!" You shouted and panicked about what you did. Suddenly your hand moved and punched the dark horse. Shocked about what happened another one appeared from behind and you abruptly moved and stood beside the leader.

You snatched one of his swords and stated to fight the dark horses. "I'm not doing this!" you yelled with your eyes closed. North laughed as he watches you fighting the horses.

"You have still time-" Suddenly your hand clutches the steel bar on the sleigh and jumped. "What the!" You want to cover your face but your hands wouldn't let you.

It moved and grabbed at anything. You realized that you're, well your hands, are making you doing all the stunts. After a minute or two you landed and saw the other Jack and Sandy still fighting Pitch.

You ran and jumped on the roof from one to another until you reached the other two guardians. The young guardian got surprised that you came back and got puzzled how'd you get there.

"What are you doing here?!" He exclaimed while fighting the horses.

"I… I don't know!" you yelled back and your hands started to move again and realized that you're fighting. "My…. Hands made me do it!" you added.

Pitch stood behind you and the young guardian was about to warn you when you crouched and kicked the nightmare king's feet that sent him flying on the ground.

The Easter Bunny jumped beside you and gave you his furious look. "What's that for?!" he exclaimed.

"I DON'T KNOW!" you shouted furiously. Pitch tried to escape but your hands grabbed and pulled him back to you and raised him in the air. All of the guardians' jaw dropped and looked at the pathetic nightmare king that you're holding.

"Wait…. That glove!" Pitch yelled with fear. He tried to free himself but he can't. Your glove started to glow and threw him away from you. As Pitch was running away, you punched on the ground and the whole building rumbled making the nightmare king ran for his life.

The glow of your glove dimmed and you passed out without even realizing it.
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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