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December 16, 2012
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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 20:

You woke up and found yourself in your room. You sat up slowly while touching your dizzy head and looked around. You don't remember arriving at your place but you do remember what happened last night.

You stood up and looked through your window and noticed that everything's normal, definitely maybe. You wiped your face and breathed deeply as you walk to the bathroom. You washed your face and brushed your teeth after.

While brushing your (length/color) hair, you heard a noise coming from downstairs. You abruptly grabbed something long and opened the door gently. As you walk down the stairs slowly, you peeked a little and saw the guardians in the living room.

"What are you all doing here?" you said in a low voice with troubled look written all over your face. North, holding a cookie, looked and smiled at you cheerfully.

Jack abruptly ran and gave you a big hug. You hugged him back but you still don't know why they're still in your house. I mean, you have Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth fairy, the Sandman and the winter spirit in your house.

"Wanna tell me what happened last night?" you asked as you put what you're holding down and rest it on the wall. The guardians looked at each other and glanced back at you. The young guardian holds your holds your hands while looking deep at you (e/c) eyes.

"What?" you asked curiously with your brow rose.

"What do you remember?" Jack asked.

"Uhmm…" you stammered, "I… remember kicking the nightmare king's butt." You said and all of them laughed and gave you a sweet smile.

"Yes you did." Jack said with a grin. "But…. (F/n)" he added, "that's two days ago." He said with a low voice.

"WHAT?" you yelled with bug eyes as you backed up from the young guardian. "Are you serious?" you added.

"Dead serious…" Jack said serenely.

"Wha-bu-but what about my schooling?" you asked remembering that you've been absent for two days. "Who-"

"North… he pretended that he's your… grandfather." Jack said looking haunted about what you're about to say.

You looked at the leader who's also glancing back at you. "Woah… hold up, hold up. You just did what?" you said with a troubled face. "Santa just pretended that I'm his granddaughter?"

All of the guardians nodded without looking straight at you. Shaking your head, you put your hands on your face and feign a laugh.

"I'll just… pass that one…" you muttered. You put your hands down and put on his hips as you stared at the guardians in your house.

"I wanna know what happened after." You started and they all looked at the guardian leader. Walking to him, your doorbell rang and all of them panicked. They started to run around the house and stopped when you banged the wall near you.

"Calm down!" you muttered angrily. Suddenly a voice called out to you. It's your cousin's voice. "Just…. pretend to be a…. figuring or… something." you said in a low voice.

You walked to the door and breathed deeply before you opened it. You saw your cousin holding is phone and was about to call you.

"Hey…" he said worriedly and gave you a hug. "How are you feeling?" he added while taking a look at your face.

"I'm fine (cousin's name)." You said cordially. Your cousin put his hands down and looked inside. He noticed something and he entered your house while looking around.

"I heard that you had a fever and you stayed at home for two days." Your cousin as he walked to the living room.

"Yeah… I really don't have the time to tell you… and of course I don't want you to worry." You said trying to make him buy your story. He nodded and looked at the Santa figuring near your Christmas tree. He looked closer and moved his face to Santa.

"Hey (c/n), how are you doin?" You asked to avoid your cousin to touch the guardian. He turned and looked at you as he replied, "Well, same old same old. Go to school, hang out with the peeps." He said simply and sat on the couch.

"And…. You owe me." You said with your arms crossed. Your cousin widened his eyes and didn't look at you. "I wonder who gave my number to an unknown guy who's pretending somebody that I don't know." you said frantically.

"Hey, hey!" Your cousin yelled, "Let me get this straight," he said trying to make the situation clear, "I didn't give it to Mark ok? He took it from my phone without telling me!" he added.

"Now I have to change my number… again!" you shouted back. Your cousin brushed his fingers through his hair while walking to the door.

"Sorry, (F/n)" he said with a grin, "Don't worry, he'll pay for it." he added. "Are you sure you're going to be fine?" He asked thoughtfully.

"Pretty sure and I'll be back in school by tomorrow." You said cordially and gave your cousin a hug before he left.

While closing the door, you saw the guardians breathed deeply and sat on the couch. "That was close." North said.

You walked to the guardians and sat on the smaller sofa as you glanced at them. "So… back to the issue, what happened after?" you asked serenely breaking the silence.

"You passed out, obviously." Jack said deadpanned while leaning on his staff.

"Not really the answer I'm looking for." You said with a furious look on your face. "By the way, what's with the glove that you gave me?" You asked as you looked at the guardian leader.

He sighed and stared at you for a minute or so before he explained the peculiar thing, "It's a glove worn by a friend of mine, a very good friend of mine." North said and his fellow guardians including you listened to him attentively as he continued, "She's a warrior spirit and for the humans, she's known as the spirit of Christmas past, present and future. In your story 'Christmas Carol,' there are three spirits but honestly there's only one. She got… defeated by Pitch when she's trying to save me." He added and sighed deeply remembering his friend. North looked at you and gave a weird grin, "Her name is Ziel and she's the one who gave me the glove and told me that I need to pass it to someone and take his place."

They all looked at you thinking that you must be the one the warrior spirit is talking about. You glanced at North and asked him to explain further, "She said that I will not find that person. He/she is the one who'll find me… and you did." He explained casually.

You shook your head and feign a smile as you looked at the guardian leader, "There is no way that I'm that person you're talking about North." You said revoking the leader, "There must be some kind of-"

"I asked Ziel to tell me more and she said that… that a human will be loved by an immortal." Your eyes widened and looked at the winter spirit, who's also looking back at you, and glanced back at the leader.

"Are-are you- are you saying that… I'm- I'm taking the warrior spirit's place?" You asked sounding unsure and worried about yourself at the same time. "But-but I'm not-"

"You should take her place, (F/n)" North said cutting you off, "You're the only person who can use that glove… and also the last one." He added.

You looked at the gloves when North put it on the table and moved it closer to you. "The gloves lighten whenever it gets close to you." He added when it started to burst a light bright blue color.

You're about to pick up the glove when you had doubts about taking the responsibility. "What about my life, my human life?" You asked angrily and looked at North, "What about my parents and other people who knew and knows me?" You added.

Jack grasped your hands tightly and you can feel his frigid touch. You glanced at him and gave a vacant face.

"I can't just… disappear. I can't just leave my parents alone. They need me when they got old and…." You said worriedly while thinking about the possibilities if you accept North's offer.

"Tell me…" you snapped breaking the silence, "What will happen to me?"

North looked at the young guardian while comforting you. He breathed deeply and started to explain the outcome, "Ok… ok, ok…" he said. "If you accept it, yes, you have to leave everything behind including your parents."

Your eyes widened and grasped the young guardians tighter. You avoiding for your tears to flow and trying to stay that way. You sighed deeply and asked the leader to continue.

"You need to disappear without a trace like you're never alive in the human world." He added and cleared his throat before he continued, "and be one of us."

"I need to make a choice… huh?" you said coldly and feign a laugh. "I can't just disappear like that." You stood up and went upstairs to your room leaving the guardians behind.

"Why does she need to be so…. Human?" Jack muttered as he watched you walking up the stairs.
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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