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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 32:

Jack Frost opened his eyes and breathed deeply. His fellow guardians quickly went to him and felt relieved that he already woken up. The Easter Bunny looked outside and noticed that the winter storm is gone.

"Jack…" north said whispered, "Are you alright my boy?" he asked thoughtfully with his strong Russian accent.

"Wha- what happened?" Jack asked and felt a little tired. "Where's (F/n)?" He added.

His fellow guardians looked at each other and the winter spirit that his room is a mess like something happened. The young guardian looked at North and raised his brow.

"Where is she?" he asked again. "And what happened in here?"

North breathed deeply and sat on his bed and stared at the worried winter spirit. "She… she went to Pitch." He said with a low voice.

Jack's eyes widened and his mouth was half opened. He glanced each of them and realized that North's telling the truth.

"We- we tried to…" North continued and stared at Jack's blue frightened eyes, "stop her… but she fought us and left after." He added.

"What happened?" he asked again.

"What do you remember?" North asked.

"I-I remember that she… stabbed me… but- I saw her. I saw her and Pitch in-"

"In your nightmare… yes." North said cutting the young guardian off.

"How did you know?" Jack asked inquisitively and stared at the guardian leader.

"(F/n) went to Pitch and asked him to save you and I think she did it, now that you're awake." North explained formally. "I don't really know where she is."

Jack felt little tears about to roll down his cheeks but he held his feeling back and shook his head. "I saw her… in my dream… and she said something…" he added.

North listened to the young guardian attentively and they all waited for him to continue. "She- she said that I… I should not find.. her…" he added sounded worried about you.

They've been silent for a couple of minutes, suddenly the young guardian stood up and lost his balance a bit.

"Don't push yourself mate." The Easter Bunny said heartily and escorted the winter spirit to stand up.

Jack pushed Bunnymund and grasped his staff tightly, "I- I need to find her." Said the winter spirit. The young guardian sounded angry and he can't help himself from crying.

"Take me to Pitch…" he said coldly.

His fellow guardians didn't respond and made him angry. He stabbed his staff on the ground hard and bursts a cold, strong wind in the room.

"TAKE ME TO HER!" Jack shouted furiously almost threatening them.

Jack turned around and his fellow guardians saw the winter spirit's tears of anger and sadness. North closed his eyes and crossed his arms.

"I NEED YOU TO TAKE METO HER…" Jack said angrily.

The leader guardian breathed deeply and stared at the young guardian. "I have no choice anyway…" North said with his strong Russian accent.

"Guardians… prepare for battle." North ordered and they all obeyed. After a few minutes, they all rode in the sleigh and left after.

The winter spirit had been quiet for quite some time now. He's worrying about you and didn't realize that a tear rolled down on his cheek.

"She'll be alright…" Tooth said sweetly and touched his shoulders.

Jack didn't answer back and continued to stare at the clouds passing by, "I hope…" he whispered.

Back in the Nightmare King's realm, you completely transformed into a nightmare-angel kind of look. You don't have emotions, you can't feel pain, pity, love. You can even kill anyone without hesitation.

Pitch, giving you his evil smile, felt proud about his new weapon. "What do you need to do?" he asked with a peculiar grin.

"Kill the guardians…" you said gloomily.

The Bogeyman laughed aloud and spread his arms wide. "Yes… yes…" he said with a relish tone. "And who is the first one you want to kill?" he added.

"Jack Frost…" you said coldly.

Suddenly the Nightmare King heard a strong rumble sound above. His lips twisted into a rare smile and glanced at you with his golden evil eyes.

"They're here." Said Pitch. "I'm close…. So close…" he whispered to himself and uttered an evil laugh.

"You know what to do, Bunnymund." North said seriously and the Easter Bunny smiled with excitement.

"Don't worry mate," Bunny said and patted Jack's shoulders, "we'll get her back." He added.

The winter spirit nodded but they can see the blazing anger in his eyes. Jack clutched his staff and watched the Easter Bunny dug.

After a few minutes, Bunnymund gave the signal and they all jumped into the hole and landed in a dark room surrounded with candles.

"Where are we?" Jack asked.

"We're in the middle of Pitch's kingdom." North explained and looked at the young guardian.

Suddenly, a voice broke the silence and they all looked around to see where the familiar voice was coming from.

"Pitch…" whispered Jack.

"COME OUT YOU SON OF A ****" he yelled furiously.

Pitch laughed and clapped his hands while he's coming out of the dark glancing every one of them. The Nightmare King stopped at the young guardian and Jack quickly charged at him.

Pitch grinned as the winter spirit swung his staff and was about to hit him with it but instantaneously, a weapon blocked his attack.

The young guardian widened his eyes when he saw a saw a girl with red eyes and blood tears on her cheeks standing beside him.

"Who are you?" Jack asked angrily and noticed the angel wings tattoo on the girl's chest. Jack's eyes widened with fear. He glanced back at you and tried to touch your face but you pointed your weapons at the young guardian.

"(F/n)…" said Jack. He can feel tears are going to roll down his cheek but he hid it and looked at you attentively.

The winter spirit backed away from you as you stopped walking but still pointing your weapons at the young guardian.

"What did he do to you?" Jack said and loosen his grip on his staff.

The Bogeyman uttered an evil laugh that made the winter spirit furious. "Don't waste your time Jack…" Said Pitch coldly, "she doesn't know you anymore." He added.

His fellow guardians grasped their weapons and pointed at the Nightmare King who's standing beside you. "She can't feel anything. She's numb… even if you beg in front of her she won't feel even a bit of pity." He added. "She can even kill a kid without hesitation." Pitch said with a laugh.

"You really are a monster Pitch!" North yelled with anger. "How could you-"

"Don't blame me North.." said the Bogeyman cutting the guardian leader off, "she came to me to save Jack Frost." He added and glanced at the winter spirit.

The young guardian stared at you while you're looking back at him with your bloody red eyes. "(F/n)!" Jack yelled, "I know you're in there." He said and his voice turned soft.

He walked towards you but you didn't move back. Staring at the young guardian, you are about to lift your weapon when he suddenly vanished.

You looked around with your numb face and suddenly, he touched your hands and your eyes widened and shook.

The Nightmare King got shocked knowing that the winter spirit stood beside you and in front of him without noticing.

"You're almost consumed," he whispered heartily, "You still have the white wing on your tattoo." The winter spirit added.

You shook your head and pushed Jack Frost away and your face turned numb again and pointed your weapon at him. "I don't know who you are." You said coldly, "But I do know that I must kill you."

Jack and his fellow guardians prepared and North attacked the Nightmare King but he's already gone.

"Pitch is not your enemy…" you suddenly said and the guardian turned and saw you in the air.

You swung your weapons and made a sharp wind that wounded and sent North on the ground even though he tried to block it with his swords. You swerved and glanced at the Easter Bunny and he abruptly vanished.

You closed your eyes and concentrated about the sound he's making around you. Suddenly you crouched down and his boomerang passed above you.

"Reckless Bunny…" you said sounded deadpanned.

Then you flew up and saw the Easter Bunny below you feeling troubled.

"Look out!"Jack yelled to Bunnymund but it's already too late.

You flew down as fast as you could and kicked him hard. You stood gently and watched the Easter Bunny flew across the room.

The Sandman your hands and pulled you to him. You stabbed one of your weapons on the ground and threw the other one to the Sandman but the Toothfairy dragged her up.

The young guardian jumped above you and froze all of your body except for your head.

You tried to break the ice but instead it felt like its burning your whole body. You shouted, which made the whole place rumbled, in pain and Jack looked at you with pity.

After a few minutes, you looked at the winter spirit and he noticed the real you in your eyes. "Jack…" you said heartily and he slowly melted the ice.

When half of your body was free, you swung your weapon and abruptly broke the ice around your feet. "Foolish boy…" you whispered.

Taking your other weapon that pierced the wall, the other two guardians, flew and tried to attack you from behind but you combined your weapons and it turned into a bow.

You released the arrow and hit the Tooth fairy's shoulder. Shouting in pain, Tooth fell and the Sandman helped her.

"Stop this (Fn)!" Jack shouted angrily but you're not listening to him. You flew up and the young guardian followed.

When Jack got out, you blocked the hole the Easter Bunny made leaving them trapped below. The young guardian widened his eyes with horror and glanced at you.

"What have you done?"
Ok, that's it. I'm really making a fanart about some parts in this chapter.

Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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