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December 16, 2012
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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 33:

"What have you done?" said Jack with a bit of fear in his voice.

You lifted your weapon and pointed at the winter spirit. "Now you…" you said coldly.

"Please…." Jack begged but you still continued to walk towards him. "This is not you." he added.

Jack stared at you as you walk to him. You attacked him but he gripped your weapons and didn't care even if he's wounded.

"I don't care…" you said coldly.

You looked at the blood on your gloves and suddenly your eyes widened and looked at the young guardian. Jack's staff and you gloves glowed and made you think. Your whole body froze and tried to free your weapons but when you heard the young guardian yelled with pain while holding it, your heart sore and you can feel tears, real tears in your eyes.

"Fight it (F/n)," he said softly, "please…" he said and cried.

Your right eye suddenly turned into your normal color but it's rather obvious that you're not completely controlling your body, "Ja- jack…" you whispered and the winter spirit smiled. "I- I can hear you… but I can't see… It's too dark in here. You added.

Jack grinned with joy and more tears rolled down his cheek. He hugged you tightly and brushed your hair, "I knew you're there somewhere…." Whispered the winter spirit.

After a few minutes, you pushed and backed away from him. While holding your head, you shouted because of the unbearable pain you're feeling. Jack walked to you slowly but you deterred him.

"Stay away!" you yelled, "I- I don't want to hurt you again…" you said with your soft voice.

"Stop right there (F/n)," he said and reached out his hand. "There's a cliff behind you." he added, "come to me… slowly."

You didn't look back and your hands made a bow and point it at him. "No…" you whispered and glanced at the young guardian. "You have to go, I-I can't control myself." You said and tears rolled down on your cheek.

Jack shook his head and reached his hand out closer to you while you walked backwards and didn't stop until you slipped. "No!"cried the young guardian and he quickly grabbed you hand.

Your accidentally dropped your bow and you watched it fall down. You stared at the deep cliff below and glanced back at the crying winter spirit.

"Ta- take my other hand…" he said and put his staff down beside him before reaching out his other hand to you.

Without noticing, you took out a small knife and point it at Jack's neck. "Let me go…" you whispered and tears started to flow down your cheeks.

"N- No!"he said furiously and stared at the knife below his chin. "I will never let you go." He added.

He glanced at you and cried harder. "I don't want this." He added. "Fight it, (F/n)." he begged.

A tear of the young guardian fell on your cheek that made you release more tears from your wet eyes but your evil side is the one winning.

"I almost killed you."you said and felt scared when you went back to the time when you stabbed Jack. "I- I don't want- that to happen again." You added.

"Just take my hand…" he said without paying attention to what you're saying. "Jus- just take it please!" he begged.

"Jack… I'm holding a knife and I'm pointing it at you right now…" you blurted. "If- if you help me… I- I'll surely kill you this time…" you added.

"JUST TAKE MY-" you kissed the young guardian passionately and strongly as you can and he didn't notice that you stabbed the small knife on his sleeve to prevent him to follow you afterwards.

"I love you Jack…." You whispered and jumped down.

Jack opened his eyes and looked below, "(F/n)! Please don't do this!" he cried.

You smiled at him and crossed your arms and surrounded yourself with your black wings. "I'm sorry…"you whispered and closed your eyes.

Trying to take of the knife on his sleeve, he heard a loud sound and didn't bother looking down. "No… " whispered the young guardian, "(F/n)!" He shouted with anger. He ripped his sleeve forcefully and pulled his white hair hard while screaming furiously.

The whole place rumbled and Jack picked up his staff and made a strong deadly blizzard. "PLEASE COME BACK!" he roared. He gripped his staff tightly and stabbed it stronger and the trees were coated with thick, hard crystal ice.

The whole place became dark, some of the frozen trees broke, the snow in the cliff is almost half high and surely it's also happening in the other parts of the world. He shouted louder and a blue lightning like light shoot up in the sky and a tornado started to form.

Suddenly he can hear children crying, which made his heart fell and his mind sane again. He opened his wet eyes and looked around and realized that he already made a damage. He stabbed his staff for the last time and made everything back to normal. Jack knelt in the snow and covered his face with his frigid, pale hands and cried silently while saying your name repetitively.

After a few minutes, his fellow guardians, came out and you'll see that they're pretty tired and pretty beaten up. Sandy looked around and can't find the young guardian anywhere.

"Where's Jack?" North asked thoughtfully while the Easter Bunny's helping him to stand on his feet.

The Sandman flew around the place and searched for the young guardian but there was no sign of him. He went back to the sleigh where the other guardians were and shook his head sadly.

They all went back at the guardian leader's place and surprisingly, one of the yetis gave a letter to North. He read it with his fellow guardians and they now understand what happened. North breathed deeply and felt pity about the young guardian.

"We- won't be… seeing Jack Frost… for a long time…" he said nervously and the other guardians felt sad and broken.

"I- I think it's better if we… leave him alone or a while." Said North.

"Where is he now?" asked the Tooth fairy feeling concerned about the young guardian.

"I- I don't really… know…" the guardian leader said sounded worried. "Let's just hope that's he's alright."
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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