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December 16, 2012
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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 34:

You're standing in a dark frigid room and can't see anything. You've been walking for hours and didn't know where you're going or even where you are.

Suddenly, you saw a small light and you hurriedly ran towards it. You blocked the shimmering light that hit your face with your hands. You closed your eyes completely when you got out and felt your fear disappeared.

You breathed deeply and opened your eyes. You noticed that you're in a glass like container and can't remember what happened.

You tapped the glass and it opened. You coughed a couple of times and sat up after. You looked around and noticed that you're in a simple small bedroom. You went out of the container and walked around the room.

"Where am I?" you thought. Suddenly you looked at yourself in the mirror and your lips twisted into a joyful smile.

"I'm… I'm me again…" you whispered to yourself.

You touched your face and the white clothes you're wearing. You checked the tattoo on your chest and saw that the wings are both white. You glanced around and saw a window.

"Night already?" You said and walked closer to it. Your eyes widened when you saw the Earth, enormous beautiful earth.

"Why… am I…" Suddenly you heard a door opened. You quickly turned and saw a baby-faced man, a little taller than the Sandman, with a couple of golden hair strands shaped like a hook on his head, wearing a golden tuxedo with a red bow tie and also wearing a golden long coat on top.

"I see you've already woken up child." The small man said breaking the silence.

You gulped hard and looked around the room and pointed at yourself. The small man uttered a small laugh, "Yes child, I'm talking to you." said the baby face man.

"Uhmmm…" you stammered. "Where am I?" you asked curiously while you walked to the man.

"You're on the moon at my place." He said with a grin. Your eyes widened and stared at the man and felt a little nervous.

"Don't worry, you're safe here." Said the man, "more than safe." He added.

"Are… are you an alien?" you asked feeling embarrassed about what you just said.

The baby faced man laughed and walked closer to you. "No child." He said with a sweet grin. "It's been a long time since somebody made me laugh." He added and glanced at you.

"I'm the man in the moon." He explained and bowed politely in front of you, "The first guardian." he added, "but you can call me MiM."

You felt troubled at first and remembered something about the baby-faced man. "First… first guardian?" you asked and MiM nodded with a cheeky smile.

"Yes child." He said heartily.

"So you know North, Tooth, Sandy, Bunnymund and Jack Frost?" You asked excitedly and MiM smiled cheerfully.

"Yes… apparently I was the reason why they became the guardians." Said MiM, "what do you remember child?" he asked and changed the subject.

You looked up and stared at the ceiling, thinking about what happened but you can't remember anything.

"I- I can't remember…" you whispered and the man in the moon nodded.

He showed you his index finger and asked you to close your eyes. You obeyed and you felt MiM's finger on your forehead. A pile of information and happenings went in your head. After a heartbeat, you opened your eyes and didn't notice that you cried.

"I… I" you stammered and glanced at MiM, who's also looking back at you with his lonely baby-face look. "I hurt them…" you whispered and more tears flowed down your cheeks.

MiM took out a piece of cloth and wiped your tears. "It's not your fault." He said heartily, "Pitch made you do it." he added.

You sat on your bed and looked blankly at the ground. Suddenly you remembered about the young guardian you looked at the small man with your wet, (e/c) eyes.

"Where's Jack?" you asked concerned about the winter spirit.

MiM breathed deeply as he sat beside you and took him a couple of minutes before he responded, "He's… he's not himself for a while now." he said and you can feel something's not right about the situation.

"What do you mean-"

"Child…" he said gently and touched your hands, "you've been asleep for…" he said and stared in your eyes, "a decade."

Your eyes shook with horror and covered your mouth a you cried. You stared at the gloomy small man and stopped yourself from crying.

"A decade?" you asked nervously.

"I'm afraid so." said the small man, "It took me a decade to break the Nightmare King's curse completely." He added.

"Wha… what about my parents?" you asked felt worried about them.

"They… don't know where you are…" he said and breathed deeply, "your mom… passed away three years ago."

You cried harder and covered your face with your hands while the man in the moon patted your back to ease your sadness, "I'm sorry…" he whispered.

"But your dad kept your house… still hoping that you will come back…" added MiM.

"Whe- where is he now?" you asked without looking at the baby-faced man.

"He goes place to place like he used to." MiM explained and continued to pat your back, "and still searching for you." he added.

You nodded while you listened and glanced at him, "Jack… Where's Jack?" you asked again.

"Come child…" he said softly and both of you went to a room, that's maybe MiM's working place, and showed you the young guardian.

You saw Jack Frost on the screen, sitting on the same bench when you first met him. You touched the screen and tears flowed down your cheeks.

"Jack…" you whispered.

"The winter spirit…. Changed." MiM said and got your attention, "he still brings winter but…" he said and breathed deeply, "He doesn't play with the kids anymore…"

You watched the young guardian and noticed that he's playing with his staff and repetitively looking around.

"He would go there after his duty an hoping to see you again… he's been doing that for a decade." He explained further.

Suddenly, the young guardian threw his staff and rested his face in his palm and cried silently. You felt what he felt and your heart sore while looking at the young guardian.

"He- he needs me…" you whispered, "Please…" you said and glanced at the small man. "Please… I need to go back." You begged.

MiM's lips twisted into a cheerful smile and looked at the winter spirit. "On one condition.." he said with a grin.

You looked at him attentively and waited for him to continue, "You need to be one of the guardians and protect the children." He added.

You smiled wide and hugged the man in the moon hugged you back and patted your back. "Wait right here." Said the bay-faced man and he ran around the room looking for something.

After a few seconds, he gave you a small pouch. "Here… this is your own." He said with a grin and felt excited while you looked inside.

You saw a pair of white gloves with a touch of light blue and noticed that there were three gems attached to each glove.

"You're the guardian angel." Explained MiM as you looked at the gloves, "You're the one who will fight the children's doubts, fears and give them faith, strength make them believe in the guardians including you." he explained formally.

"You're the sweetest and the most caring girl kids will ever meet." He said with a grin, but you're also the most dangerous person hat Pitch will ever face."

"Do you accept it?" he asked with a sweet smile.

You glanced at MiM and grinned at him sweetly and gave him a big hug, "Of course. I promise to protect the children." You whispered heartily.

"I know you will…" he responded.

Suddenly a big butterfly jumped behind the small man and you hurriedly backed away from it and hid anywhere.

"What's that!" you exclaimed while pointing at the blue enormous butterfly.

The man in the moon looked at it with his angry face while he's tapping his foot. "I'm sorry child." He said heartily, "she's just excited about meeting you." he added.

You gingerly stood up and walked to it slowly. "You're the one who saved me right?" you asked curiously and touched the creature's head. She nodded and bowed in front of you politely and you did the same thing.

Suddenly, the clock rang and MiM panicked, "Oh dear dear…" he said hurriedly. "You need to go know, child. Today's December 24th and it's already nine in the evening." He added.

He took a box from his pocket and reached it to you, "Here… give this to Jack Frost but you're not allowed to look at it." he said hurriedly and glanced at the clock, "Don't worry… you'll see it.. in time." He said with a grin.

You hugged him for the last time and whispered in his ear, "Thank you.. Thank you very much." You said softly.

MiM closed his eyes and hugged you back, "You're very welcome, child." He responded. "Now go go!" he yelled cheerfully, "Have a happy life." He said cordially.

The man in the moon asked you to close your eyes and gave you a couple of instruction. You obeyed and after a minute or so, you opened your eyes slowly and noticed that you're back in your room.

"Home…" you whispered.
OMG. The part is near everyone. It will give you so much pleasure you may faint instantly. :iconinloveplz: Why you ask? Wait until you read Chapter 35. I repeat, "CHAPTER 35". :iconcuriosityplz:

Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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