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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 40:

Jack Frost carried you bride style while both of you flew away from the others. You giggled silently when you saw your fellow guardians fighting the mild but a bit irritated snow storm that the young guardian made. Staring at him, the winter spirit gave you his playful smile and chuckled.

"I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to them!" you yelled furiously, "And you didn't give me a warning!" You added.

"Goodbyes?" said Jack with a smirk, "I don't like goodbyes." He added.

"Well, well, let's see. Saying goodbye or leaving without saying a word?" you asked and waited for him to respond and he said, "The second one." With an evil laugh.

You punched him lightly on the shoulder and after a minute or two, he landed and and stood you up gently. You looked around and noticed that you're in the middle of nowhere.

"Again?" you said indignantly and crossed your arms. Jack laughed and pinched your nose. You shook your head and rubbed your frigid nose.

"Where are we?" you asked as you looked around.

Then the winter spirit showed you a small red bag pouch keep shaking it. "What's that?" you asked sounded irritated. You tried to snatch it but he kept it away from you.

"Nah ah…" said Jack and hid the bag behind him. He took something from his pocket, a piece of cloth. You glared and took it in a scornful manner and blind folded yourself.

Suddenly you hear something banged and the winter spirit carried you and flew again but you don't know where you've been taken.

After about a few minutes, Jack put you down again and kissed your cheek but he's not saying anything. You listened carefully but it's pretty quiet, peaceful and… cold. It felt like you were in a different world or something. No worries and away from chaos. You felt your heart soar when the frigid wind blew and made your white long hair fly. Instantaneously, a bright light flashed and you saw it even though you're still blindfolded.

"Jack…" you whispered still, no response. "Jack!" you whispered louder but still nothing.

"He- hey… can I take this off now?" you asked nervously but no one answered.

"Take it off…" Jack whispered but you really don't know where's his voice coming from. You obeyed and you slowly opened our eyes. Gasping with a delightful smile on your face, you saw the astonishing place but the first thing that got your attention is the colorful dark night sky that's full of dazzling stars.

"Aurora Australis…" you said breathlessly. You looked around and realized that you're standing in front of a lake, frozen lake surrounding a small portion of land. And on that land, stood a simple house made of log with its roof covered with white thick snow surrounded by tall pine trees.

You continued to look around and saw white mountains small cliffs all covered with the winter sprit's work. And suddenly you remembered, "Where's Jack?" you thought. You looked up and saw the young guardian above you, perching on a tree branch.

"So… you like it here?" asked Jack with a smile.

You smiled back and shouted, "Come down here!" with a sweet laugh.

Jack jumped down and he abruptly gave you a warm kiss of his. "Wanna check out the house?" he asked as you giggled.

You nodded excitedly and you flew to the other side while the young guardian skated all the way. The young guardian shouted and stood beside you after. Laughing, you dragged Jack inside and the whole place is just simple but elegant. Your gown is soaked as well as your sandals but surprisingly, you can't feel a bit of a cold.

"Wow…" you whispered and Jack hugged you from behind, locking you with his arms.

"You like it?" Said the winter spirit and added, "it's cozy in here."

You turned and kissed Jack's forehead while cupping your hands on his pale cold cheeks. "Well yeah… it's pretty warm, but how about you? Are you OK with this heat?" you asked thoughtfully and brushed his white hair.

"Yeah, sure. I don't care about the heat." He said sweetly and kissed your cheeks, "I'll give all the best things just for you."

Your cheeks turned crimson red upon hearing the young guardian's sweet words. You hugged him tightly and Jack closed his blue eyes and felt your warm, comforting hug.

"I wanna see our room!" you said excitedly and ran upstairs without waiting for Jack. You entered and it's just simple, like downstairs, nothing especial. It has a small terrace with a breathtaking view around the place especially the bright sky above. But something's bothering you and something's missing.

Then somebody knocked and you slowly turned and saw Jack leaning on his staff, shooting a smile at you and said, "I hope this is enough…" he said shyly and scratched his head.

You giggled and walked to the young guardian and put your arms around his neck. "No Jack, this is perfect… simple perfect." You said with a grin. "But… are you forgetting something?"

Jack raised his brow and stared at the ceiling. He shook his head lightly and glanced at your curious blue eyes, "This house has only… one room. Are you forgetting something?" you said with your voice like silk.

"Wha- you want separate rooms?" Jack said sounded shocked and confused.

You shook your head sadly and touched his pale face, "Jack…" you whispered, "Don't you want to… have… kids?" you asked bashfully.

The young guardian blushed and doesn't know what to say. He touched your hands and put it down gently before he glanced at you.

"(F/n)…" he murmured, "That… that's not how… things work…" stammered the young guardian. "I didn't tell you but…" he added and breathed deeply and continued, "Fellow guardians can't get married… that's why I'm… rather surprised when MiM gave me the rings." He explained, "Meaning… he… agreed for us to be married… consider it a… gift."

You listened attentively looked down as the winter spirit explained further, "We can't… have kids cause…"

You raised your head slowly and stared at the young guardian. You felt tears coming from your eyes but you did your best to hide it. To avoid making the winter spirit sorry for himself.

"We have to take care of the kids around the world." Added Jack and rested his forehead on yours. You closed your eyes and felt Jack's cold skin and whispered, "I'm sorry… I can't… give-"

You shut his mouth using your soft lips and kissed him sweetly and slowly. You brushed his white hair and opened your eyes after. Your lips parted his and silence fell upon you and the young guardian.

"Don't be sorry…" you murmured, "I have you… that's enough." You added and hugged Jack tightly and buried your face in his cold shoulder.

"Hey… I'm gonna change first" you said with a grin. But before you can leave, the winter spirit grabbed your hand and when you glanced at him, you saw his red face.

"Can- can you change later… I want to show you something." said Jack shyly. You grinned sweetly and walked with him to the terrace. You breathed the cold air and let it enter the room. Jack closed the door behind and stood beside you after.

"I- I want to close your eyes… and don't open it unless I told you to." Jack said and you simply nodded. He breathed deeply as you closed your eyes slowly. You can hear him opening something, like a small box while walking and stood behind you.

"No peaking…" whispered the young guardian and chuckled.

"I know, I know!" you said with a laugh.

You can feel something cold around your neck while the winter spirit joined it together. He stood back in front of you and touched your cheeks.

"Ok… now open…" said Jack with his soft voice and you obeyed.

You opened your eyes and looked at your chest and that thing made your eyes widened. It's a necklace, but not just ANY necklace. It has a flower shaped pendant that has a different diamond color, the same colors you're seeing in the dark sky right now.

You stared at it and suddenly a light flashed before your eyes that made you giggle sweetly. You touched every single one of the rainbow colored diamonds with a grin. The young guardian smiled and kissed your cheek gently and said, "That's my wedding gift for you…"

You glanced at his blue eyes and hugged him tightly as you brushed his white hair, "Thank you… Jack…" you whispered and added, "But… I- I don't have anything for-"

The young guardian kissed your lips and touched your cold cheeks. Your eyes widened and stared at his aquamarine colored eyes.

"I don't need anything, (F/n)…" said the winter spirit. "Now… we need to rest." He added softly and brushed his fingers through your long white hair, "You're going to start your duty as a guardian tomorrow."

"I know…" you murmured and rested your forehead on his and said, "Not only a duty as a guardian Jack… It's more like I'm going to start a new life tomorrow."

The young guardian grinned and moved closer. You closed your eyes slowly and waited for your lips to join. He locked his on yours and kissed you his fiery kiss and whispered, "Are you scared?"

You grinned and kissed Jack deeper and responded, "Why would I?" you asked with a grin.

"Besides, it will be exciting…" you added and stared at the young guardian's eyes, "A new life, new world and new experiences. I can feel change's coming my way…"

Those are the last words you said that night to the winter spirit. And went straight to bed. You closed your eyes and wished yourself good luck for the new beginning that will happen in a few hours.

Jack Frost lay down beside you and kissed your cheeks as he wished you good night and fell asleep in a few seconds.

Midnight, and a shadow of an enormous butterfly flew above the colorful dark sky, It's the first guardian, the man in the moon, giving protection to your and the young guardian's home and said to himself,

"Miracles come at times when you least expect it. First the winter spirit found a teenage girl, a human girl, that can see him. I'm not sure if she found him or he found her but the important thing is they met, the girl came back that made the winter spirit the boy he used to be and better, Guadians can't get married but she and Jack did get married. What do you think might happen in the days to come. Pitch is still on the loose and it's certain that he'll come back. But he's not the only one who'll come back…. When he did. Beware, the guardian might be the sweetest and friendliest bunch you'll ever meet. But also the deadliest. So better watch out…"

Added the first guardian and blinked at you (on the screen xD think of it as a movie or something) with a grin before he flew away.

Hey everyone~ I'm so sorry for the late post. Well,I wanted to suprise you guys since it's already the "LAST" chapter of this fanfic. I was suppose to post a journal but I got too lazy. But then, the fanfic is over and all of my feels will be gone~ :iconruncryplz: But no worries, it's best to reread it again. :icononioncleanplz: Hope you guys have fun reading the latest and the last

Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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This is way more then a fan fiction, this is a memory, a universe, ...a whole new world a whole new beginning...
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As if I was actually BORN in this story... started out as little baby mortal (f/n), and lived forever as (F/n) Frost. Eternal Spirit and Guardian Angel
katnissfan1 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
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i think there should be a part were pitch comes back with like other scary evil myths.and like they fight and stuff.tha'd be sooooo cool thinking about it i think id be more then cool it's awsome so think about it chibichoco23
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