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December 13, 2012
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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 6:

Monday, school day in winter and the bad news is… there is two months to go before the Christmas vacation. Bad news for the other students out there, but for you… It doesn't matter. You've been woken up by the alarm clock and you sat up, alarmed and surprised about the vogue sound of it.

Jack Frost is not fazed by the sound and you looked at him while his pale, beautiful eyes are still closed. You smiled sweetly and gave him a warm kiss on his forehead. You hurriedly took a shower and also dressed up inside of your bathroom and went out after and saw the winter spirit staring at you.

"Morning…" he said still sounded a little sleepy.

"Morning, sleepy head!" you said excitedly, but not too loud.

He looked at you curiously and got him thinking about your get-up. He stood up slowly and stretched before walking to you. While brushing your, (h/c) hair, he stood beside you and stuffed both of his hands in his jacket.

"Where are you going?" Jack asked inquisitively and looked at you from head to foot.

You put your comb down without answering Jack's question and hurriedly put your school books and notebooks in your bag. You ran all over the room finding something but you found it after a couple of minutes.

"Great… now you can't see me?" Jack said sounded a little irritated about him being ignored.

"Oh… my bad…" you said while putting something in your bag, "I'm just in a hurry right now." you added.

The young guardian took his staff and leaned on it as he yawns while he's watching you running around.

"I have school today…" you said without looking at him.

"Oh… alright…" he said while brushing his silver-white hair. The young guardian's eyes are still tired and he's not really used to getting up this early. He looked into the clock and noticed it's just thirty minutes past six and he usually wakes up at nine in the morning.

"This early?" he added sounded a little gloomy.

You stopped and swerved at Jack and touched his face, "You can go back to sleep you know…" You said cordially. The young guardian yawned and scratched his head.

"Alright… where will you go, exactly?" he asked as he sat on your bed.

"Just follow this map, alright?" You drew abruptly simple instructions how to get to your school for him to follow it later.

"Here it is," you said as you put the piece of paper on your side table. You walked closer to Jack. He lay down on your bed and closed his eyes try to sleep again, suddenly you leaned on him and gave him a smack kiss which made his eyes opened.

"See you later…" you said hurriedly and giggled as you ran downstairs.

The young guardian grinned and put his hands behind his neck and fell asleep suddenly. You walk to school and you saw the young boy again and waved at him joyfully. You arrived there just in time and while you're walking in the corridor to your room, a batch of popular, pride girls are looking at you and even glaring at you without a reason but you just ignored it to avoid trouble. Just smile and look forward and don't look back.

You entered your beloved room and went to your favorite sit, beside the window, to see the white snow outside to make you fell relax and to rest your mind somehow.

After a few minutes, your advisor entered and started to write something on the white board without saying anything, even the greeting that most normal teachers say 'good morning class'.
After a few subjects, lunch time. Problem? Tables… always full and other sits are for VIPs only. You glared when a few students laugh at you while holding your tray and you saw a space in the corner. You walked towards it and started to eat while ignoring the disturbing, irritating noise of the bullies and the feign laughs of the popular students.
Suddenly, you felt a cold breeze coming from the canteen door and you saw Jack floating in the air looking for you. Your eyes widened and you almost choke so you abruptly took a drink and pulled yourself together. The young guardian smiled and flew to you. The students got frigid all of the sudden and don't know why.

He stood in front of you and as you looked at him he blinked and looked around the place.
He whistled, "this is very-"

"Unexpected?" you said cutting him off and he looked at you with a grin, "I really hate this place…" you added and looked at the students staring at you.

"You don't have friends here?" he asked inquisitively.

"Used to…" you said gloomily as you bite the last of your meal." You had a drink before you continued, "Some of them USED to be my friends." You looked at Jack who's leaning on his staff while staring at you, feeling a little pity.

"Why don't you sit over there?" You said while pointing at the chair in front of you.
"Frosts…." He said muttered with a grin.

Suddenly a girl wearing an over-decorated pink top and pants, with blonde hair and every portion of her face has a make-up walked towards you with her other girls behind her.
"Oops…: she said when she spilled her drink on my table and covered her mouth acting like she's sorry, "My bad…" she added.

You glared at her and stood up walking away from her, "I'm trying to apologize here…" he said sounded sweetly but behind that sweet voice of hers is a wicked witch's voice that is making your life miserable.

You didn't dare to look back and just continued walking. Suddenly someone put his feet out to trip you but luckily the young guardian put it aside with his wooden stick and made the guy wonder what happened.

You covered your mouth and giggled. Jack walked beside you and put his arms around your shoulders, forming a few frosts on your clothes, while kissing your head.

You went to your locker and took some books you're going to need. You looked at the young guardian leaning on the locker beside yours while staring at you.

"It's the end of class of the elementary level, you should surprise the kids." You said when you heard the laughter and gaiety of the children outside while playing in the snow.

"Are you-"

"Just go…" you said heartily and the young guardian kissed your forehead and went outside. You watched him leave the school before you went back to your class.

You sat on your table while looking outside and watching the young guardian playing with the children and made your smile when he pointed at you and the children waved.

It's already three in the afternoon, the class had ended and you can't wait to go outside with Jack and the children but when you got out, you can't see him anywhere, only the children.

Suddenly someone covered your eyes. You touched it and it's very frigid.

"I know it's you…" you said cordially and you can feel him breathing not far from your neck and he took his hands off and when you looked behind, he's gone.

You looked at the children who are giggling while covering their little mouths. You walked to them and raised your brow with a grin while your hands are on your hips.

"Where is he?" You whispered and they looked at each other and shook their heads. "Oh?" you said while smirking. You looked around you but you can't see him. You turned to the other side and someone covered your eyes again.

"Jack Frost!" you exclaimed and you can hear the children's gaiety laughter.

The young guardian laughed while covering your eyes. Groaning, you tried to take off his hands but he won't remove it. He leaned closer to your ear and whispered, "You need to see me…"

"And what if I did?" you asked, intriguing the young guardian.

"Then you deserve a prize…" he added and laughed. Jack took off his hands off you and gone again.

You looked at the children and they all giggled. Then you noticed something, they're looking at someone behind you. You crouched down and you looked behind you. Jack Frost is standing there. The young guardian widened his eyes and you pushed him, sending him lying in the snow.

"Gotcha!" You shouted excitedly and signed the kids to lie on the winter spirit. They all shouted with delight and ran to him.

"No, no, no, no!" Jack shouted but they obviously didn't listen.

You laughed while watching the kids jump down on Jack one by one. You can hardly breathe of laughing. You rest your back on the snow and keep laughing at Jack. You can hear Jack calling out to you but you just ignored it.

Finally, you feel sorry for the young guardian and asked the kids to stand up. Jack can't get up and looked at you irritatedly.

"I'll get you for this!" Jack yelled.
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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