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December 13, 2012
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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 8

You woke up earlier than your alarm clock and noticed Jack's arms around your waist while he's sleeping beside you. You grinned while cuddling the young guardian's pale cold hands.

You glanced at the time and you saw its fifteen minutes before your alarm will turn on.
You stood up gently trying not to wake Jack and turned off the alarm.

You prepared yourself for school and when you're done, you saw the paper bag from yesterday and completely forgotten to give something to the young guardian.

Looking in the bag, you brought out a brand new simple cell phone for Jack to use. You put it on your side table and stick a note onto it. You hurriedly brushed your hair and grabbed your bag before leaving. You looked at the young guardian for the last time with a smile and closed the door gently.

"A winter spirit with a cellphone?" You muttered and giggled after, "Why not?" you said joyfully and walked to school.

Jack woke up and when he's moving his hand around the bed, he noticed that you're already gone. He sat up slowly while yawning and looked around the room. He stood up and made the bed for you and brushed his hair while walking to the bathroom. After washing up, he noticed something on your side table and walked closer to it.

"What's this?" He said curiously while staring at it.

Then he read the note stuck onto it and smiled after. He opened it excitedly and started to read the manual inside. He's scratching his head sometimes when he saw a description that he didn't understand.

After a couple of hours, his phone rang beside him which also made him jump. He flipped it open and saw your name and his lips twisted into a rare smile and answered your call after.

"Hey!" you said joyfully, "noticed you saw my present." You added and giggled.

"Obviously," he said and utter a laugh, "Thanks, (F/n)" he added cordially.

"I'm going to teach you more things about it after class." You said hurriedly and Jack heard the bell rang on the other line, "I'll call you later, ok?" you added cordially.

"Yeah, sure. See you later." Jack said with a grin.

"Ok, bye… gotta bounce." You said and cut the line.

The young guardian closed his phone and holds it tightly with a smile and shook his head while thinking of you. He looked at the time and he have to wait for three hours more before you'll come home, so he decided to run some errands.

While walking around the neighborhood, he looked at the people clutching their jackets closer whenever he passed by over them. Jack laughed while swinging hi staff back and forth. Suddenly he heard someone called his name, the children waving at him across the road and inviting him.

Some of the people stood in front of Jack and waved at the children but they all pouted because they're not the one whom they're waving at. The young guardian laughed and jumped high bursting a cold frigid wind and the people tried to stay away from it. The young guardian flew to the children joyfully and started to play with them.

While you're walking back home, you saw something in the bulletin board of your neighborhood and saw and ad about babysitting and the price is kind of alright. You twisted your lips into a rare smile and you hurried to go back home while dialling the number on the ad.

While running, you heard someone calling your name. You looked around and saw the young guardian. You quickly ran to him and jumped at him sending him lying in the snow. The children giggled while looking at them.

"What's gotten into you?" Jack asked with a laugh and stared at you.

"You…" you said, copying what he said the last time. The young guardian grinned and kissed your head. You helped the young guardian to stand up and noticed that the children are looking both of your weirdly.

You and Jack looked at each other and blushed. Jack started to make a snowball and faking a throw at the children and they suddenly walked away joyfully and started to play again.
"It works every time." He said with a grin and looked at you while throwing the snowball behind him.

"I'm going to babysit tonight." You snapped and the young guardian widened his eyes and stared at you with horror that made you feel odd.

"What?" you asked inquisitively while you put your hands on your hips.

"You- are-" he said and cleared his throat before continuing, "You are going to sit on a baby?" he asked sounded a little troubled.

You laughed out loud while hugging your tummy and can't look at the young guardian straight.
"No!" you yelled joyfully and the young guardian smirked at you while leaning on his staff. The young guardian glared and started to shake you. You finally calmed down while catching your breath and looked at the young guardian.

"Babysitting, meaning I'll watch over a kids or kids. Tonight I'll watch one just for one night." You explained casually and the young guardian smile upon saying the word kid. You noticed that he's smiling at you oddly and you know what he's thinking about.

"Wanna come?" you asked and the young guardian crossed his arms with a grin.

"Of course!" he said joyfully, "I'm the guardian of fun!" he added.

"But…" you said with a sad face and looked down. The young guardian put your shoulders on your and looked at you.

"What's wrong?" He asked, concerned about you.

"You'll mess up the whole house!" you suddenly yelled that made the young guardian jumped.

Laughing while pointing at the young guardian, Jack glared and scratched his head.

"Then I'll clean after. I PROMISE!" he said, begging for you and giving you a puppy dog look which you can't resist.

"Al- al- alright!" you shouted while blushing.

"YES!" Jack shouted joyfully and touched your face and gave you a smack kiss that made you widened your eyes. "You are the best!" he added and continued playing with the children for a while.

"Your…. Welcome?" you muttered sounded unsure but you grinned after while looking at the young guardian with your dreamy eyes.

After a few hours of playing, the kids waved their goodbyes at the young guardian and hugged him tightly before leaving. While you're waiting for Jack on the bench, you're sketching some part of the park and some of the children are surrounding you while watching.

You giggled when the children gasped after you finished it and in a minute or two, they're parents called them and said goodbye to you. Jack walked to you and sat beside you, looking at your sketch.

You gave your sketch book after he leaned his staff on the bench. While flipping the pages, you got shocked when you looked at the time.

"Oh gosh! I'm going to be late!" you exclaimed and you both ran to the house of where are you going to babysitting in.

After a minute or two, you both arrived and Jack Frost hid on the roof and waited for you to enter the kid's room. Suddenly a woman about at the age of thirty opened the door and gave you a warm smile.

"Hi, you must be… (F/n)." she said heartily and invited you inside. You looked around and saw the house is pretty simple and elegant and you saw a little boy standing in the hallway staring at you and realized he's the boy that you're waving at whenever you pass by him.

"Oh this is my son," she said while holding the boy's shoulders, "Jamie." She added.
The little boy smiled at you sweetly and he whispered something in his mom's ear. Her mother smiled and looked at you.

"He said that he knows you." Her mother said cordially.

You giggled and nodded joyfully and walked to the boy and leaned closer to him, "Hi Jaime, I'm (F/n). We are going to have a fun time!" you said excitedly.

You and Jamie's mom started to talk after about the rules and regulation in the house before her and her husband left.

You looked at the boy who is watching cartoon in the living room and your lips twisted in a smile. You called out to him and asked him where his room is and they both went there. The boy noticed that his window became a writing board and he gasped at you excitedly.

"Jack Frost!" he yelled joyfully and I opened my eyes wide and leaned on the boy.
"Oh?" you asked him with a grin, "let's see if he's outside." You added.
Jamie jumped happily and you opened the window slowly. The cold wind breeze came in the room and the kid hugged himself while smiling. You put your head outside and looked above saw the young guardian looking at you.
"What took you so long?" he asked sounded a little angry and you glared at him.

"I need to talk to his mom first!" you yelled back, "besides I'm here, come on inside, someone wants to see you." You said and blinked at the smiling young guardian.

"Who are you talking to?" the boy asked curiously as he looked at you.

"You'll see…" you said cordially and smiled sweetly at the young boy.

You stepped aside to give Jack space to enter the room and after a minute or two he went inside and when he stood on the floor, frosts started to form. Jamie's mouth was half open while staring at the teen boy with white hair, wearing a blue hoodie and brown jeans while barefooted.

"He can see me?"" Jack asked himself and leaned closer to the boy, "he can see me!" he repeated joyfully and turned to look at you.

"Jack Frost…." Jamie said almost breathless while looking at the young guardian. The kid suddenly hugged the young guardian and didn't mind the cold.

"What's your name kiddo?" Jack asked with a grin while brushing the boy's brown hair.
"Jamie!" he said aloud with joy and excitement.

"Well then, Jamie… what do you want to do for fun?" Jack asked and blinked at the young boy.
Jamie giggled and jumped happily. He looked at you trying ask permission and you crossed your arms while looking at the ceiling.

"Aw… come on, (F/n) Pleaseeee!" he said with his cute little voice while begging.

The young guardian leaned on his staff while raising his brow on you with that peculiar but lovely smile of his.

"Ok!" You said joyfully and Jamie jumped and hugged you tightly, "but you both need to clean the place up after, especially you Jack Frost!" you added.

The two boys nodded and they both went downstairs to play. You shook your head with a grin and cleaned Jamie's room and followed them downstairs after.

While you're cooking dinner, Jack and Jamie are having a great time playing cards even though the young guardian keeps losing with the young boy. You giggled when Jack groaned while scratching his head and he noticed you're looking at him.

After dinner, you ordered Jamie to brush his teeth and told him a story while Jack's staring at the young boy until he fell asleep. You pulled the blanket closer to Jamie and turned his night light on.

"Come on, let's go downstairs…" you whispered and Jack looked at Jamie for the last time and followed you.
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: This is one awesome fanfic I posted in my DA right now. The creator, meganfrost89, gave me the permission to post her very awesome fanfic. This is a story about how you meet Jack Frost. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for making this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.

For everyone, I hope you enjoy meganfrost89's Life With Jack Frost fanfiction. She'll be very pleased for all of your comments.
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