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March 10, 2013
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Life With Jack Frost: Teen Guardian Parents

Chapter 46: Risky Reunion

"Everyone in the sleigh!" shouted North when everyone was ready to face the Nightamare King. Not really face him but… prepare for what may come. Jack, standing beside you, was leaning on his staff while staring at the Easter Bunny with a mischievous grin. Too early to annoy Bunnymund don't you think?

You nudged him by the shoulder and the winter spirit glimpsed at you with a smirk on his face. "What? I'm not doing anything." He reasoned with a light chuckle.

"That's the problem. You're not doing anything but you're staring at Bunnymund with your sly, cunning grin." You muttered and Jack raised his brow with a grin.

Ashen was feeling nervous. Not for her but for everyone. You, Jack, the big four and especially her friend, Jef Wynter Frost.

Your son noticed this and Jef reached out a hand while signing her to take it. Ashen obeyed and everyone went in the sleigh.

North's wicked, oldie, according to Jack, upgraded sleigh launched. Everyone was having fun, well, not everyone. It's Bunnymund, of course. But guess who's shouting and making a fuss in the sleigh.

"Jack! Jef!" you scolded making them to take a seat but your two boys didn't listen.

"Don't ruin the fun!" the boys said in unison and stared at each other, laughing.

You crossed your arms and let them hurt themselves, when the time come that is. You thought that it will be a long journey, but with the help of North's portal, you can go anywhere in just a heartbeat.

The sleigh landed and this time Bunnymund's not the one frowning. The Easter Bunny excitedly hopped out of the vehicle and laid on the ground.

"Aw… let's fly again!" shouted Jef and Jack was not really in a good mood.

"We're in the air for only… five minutes!" shouted the winter spirit and you shook our head with a grin.

"We're not here for fun Jack… we're here to help Ashen. Don't you forget that." Said he jolly man in the red suit but not angry. He's never angry… most of the time. Especially when it comes to Pitch.

Ashen giggled a little and Jef quickly helped her getting out of the sleigh. "Nice one." Coughed Jack and shot his son with an innocent look. "What? Something wrong with coughing?"

"Jack…" you whispered, "Don't tease him. He's just being SWEET." You added and beamed at Jef with an evil grin.

Ashen secretly blushed but the fun and games suddenly ended. The place was quiet. You can feel eyes looking at you know at this very broken bed you're all seeing showed that this was already Pitch's realm. North signed all of you to be silent. Everyone took out their weapons, including Jef, and protected the two kids.

"Why is there a bed?" asked Ashen and pointed at it.

"Your… dad is the Bogeyman, Ashen. You know what he does. Hide under the beds. And when you look closer you'll see an opening, leading to his real underground." Eplained the guardian leader.

Jef's staff was like his dad's but it's made of pure silver. The winter spirit's son stared at it and observed his weapon. He has no time looking at it when it first transformed but now he can see every detail of it.

Instead of frost, Jef's staff has a spiral glass, with visible white wind flowing inside of it, starting from the bottom to the curve end of the silver staff. Jef touched it and smiled with amazement.

"Cool…" he whispered and glanced at you. "I have a staff." He added and got everybody's attention.

"Where did you get that?" asked the Easter Bunny while pointing at the boy's weapon.

"It's my flute. It transformed into a staff." Explained Jef and he saw you shooting him a blank look. "What's your problem?" he asked and they all gazed at you.

"Nothing. What makes you think that I have a problem?" you said serenely noticed Jack was grinning at you.

"She's jealous."he whispered in Jef's ear.

"Why is that?" asked his son curiously with his brow raised. "Oh. I get it." He added when he read Jack's expression. "We both have staffs while she only has…"

Jef froze when he saw your sharp, shining pair of Bladed Tonfa. "Only have what?" you continued and shot your two boys with a death stare.

"Deadly pair of weapons…" they murmured then gulped. You giggled and shook you head.

Suddenly, the jokes finished and got replaced with silence. Dark silence. "Ah… came to visit my realm?"a voice arouse and this is the one you and the guardians have been preparing to hear. But there's something different about it, you can only hear one voice. Meaning only one Pitch.

"How brave of you to come in here. This is my territory." The voice added and the bright blue sky earlier got replaced by pitch black ones.

That's explains the eyes you've been feeling lately. This is part of Pitch's realm and he can see and feel everything even though you're above ground.

"We're not here to fight Pitch." Explained North and clutched his weapons tighter. "We're here to… talk." He added and the frigid surrounding was filled with dark laugh.

"Talk?!" shouted the Nightmare King furiously. "You came here to talk to me?"

"We're not the one who wants to speak with you." Reasoned the guardian leader trying to calm things down but it's rather impossible when you're negotiating with the Bogeyman.

Pitch, the Nightamare King, is a loner, like Jack used to be except the winter spirit is not being hated. Hated by others yes, but for Pitch's condition, every kid in this world hates and feared him. Jealousy, one of the reason why he despise the guardians. The big for are loved by the children and always good things come in their way.

"Who exactly wants to negotiate with me?" inquired the Nightmare King with a loud guffaw.

Ashen stepped forward and Jef tried pull her back in but the girl smiled and this made the winter spirit's son to let go of her hand.

"Me… I want to speak to you… dad." Said Ashen trying to make her voice sound calm.

Pitch became silence for a while and the place became colder, the wind stronger.

"What are you talking about?" Pitch said, almost angry. "She's dead! My daughter is dead! She's gone!" shouted the Bogeyman but Ashen stood her ground.

"Yes, I died… I died without you by my side. But… I'm also the reason why… you're like this." continued your son's friend. "My name is Ashen, daughter of the hero of the gold age." She added sadly and opened her golden locket. "And my mother…" she whispered and sighed, "Isabella

Suddenly, Pitch appeared, the one without the locket, before all of you. Angry and perplexed. Jef asked Ashen to get back inside the circle but she refused.

"I want to see and talk to him face to face." She said and gave out a reluctant smile.

"This is a nice trick, guardians." Said Pitch almost like a threat. "Is she another guardian that looked like my dead daughter?"

"No… dad… I'm the one who came to them, The moon old me so." Ashen chimed in feeling quite nervous now.

"She is dead." Said the Nightmare King slowly, emphasizing every word. Then, he noticed the golden locket and sent him thinking. "Where did you get that?" asked Pitch and his daughter clutched her necklace.

"I'm not really sure but the man in the moon told me-" She said trying to find the right term.

Ashen got cut off when he guffawed and said, "The man in the moon? Are you tricking me? You think she is my weakness? You even tried tocopy the locket I gave her?" said Pitch furiously and gazed at you. "It's your idea isn't it? You're the only one who knew about the locket." He added and uttered a light laugh, which quickly disappeared.

"No! You listen to me! This is not one of their tricks, dad. It's me, Ashen, your only daughter! I know that you gave me the locket few days before I died. I know you tried to save me but you got tricked by the nightmares instead!" yelled Ashen and her eyes strated to change color, the same color when she accidentally used her powers.

"What are you trying to play, girl?" asked Pitch and clutched his hands into a fist. "Tell me something,If you're really my daughter, that only you know…" he murmured.

"Before bedtime…" started Ashen without looking at his dad, "You used to tell me stories about your adventures with action to make me laugh. We're always joyful everynight and sometimes we're aways playing hide and seek. You would carry me them spun me around." She added with a smile."Mom was always there, too, watching. And she's lways saying…"

Ashen glimpsed at his dad and they both said the same thing, "That's enough you two. Time for bed."

Pitch's mouth was half opened, thinking about the memories he had with his daughter and wife. "Then, after you tucked me in, mom would always hum me a song."

Pitch was speechless. Thi s is really his daughter and still hard to take it all in. North smiled and lowered his weapons, you and the others did the same.

"Dad please… this is not you." Said Ashen with a smile, "I want my old dad back." She added and Pitch blinked a few times and stared at his little princess.

"No… this is not possible…" whispered Pitch and this made all of you to grip your weapons. The Nightmare King made a couple of Nightmares and prepared for an attack. He noticed that Ashen has no weapons but she stood her ground. Unshaking and not terrified.

"Ashen, get behind us." Said North but the girl shook her head. "Ashen!" shouted Jef.

"I'm not scared of him, Jef. I take back what I said about him. He's still in there, I know it." She said and beamed a Jef. "He just needs somebody…"

The dark horses started to gallop onward and when they were a few inches away, they disappeared. Ashen grinned an stared at his dad's eyes. Pitch can't harm his daughter. Ashen started to walk and Pitch was talking a few steps back.

"Do- don't come closer!" stuttered the Bogeyman but Ashen continued.

His daughter ran to him and was about to give him a tight hug but Pitch disappeared into the darkness , leaving Ashen alone and sobbing. Jef ran to her and calmed her down. The rest of you stood there and have no idea what happened.

"I guess Pitch is not that… evil." Admitted Jack. "What do you think, North?"

"I guess so." Said the guardian leader with a frown, "Everyone has their good and bad side…"he added.

"Whar are we going to do now mate? Now Pitch knew his daughter's alive, what do you think he'll do?" asked the Easter Bunny.

"Poor sweetie." Whispered the Tooth fairy an helped your son to calm her down.

"I don't know. For now, I can't read Pitch's mind. You saw his expression lately,right?" continued North and you all nodded. "It's like I saw sadness inside of him."

"We'll just wait then?" asked the winter spirit and gazed at North.

"Yes… it's for the best, I guess.'
Hi everyone~ :iconsayhiplz: You guys have been waiting for this. I know you all love Life With Jack Frost and you guys don't want it to end. Since all of you were saying that ending this will make you all "it ended and I have nothing to read" but then, :iconmeganfrost89: finally granted your wish. She made a sequel just for her beloved readers and this is her Christmas gift to her readers. This time, the story shows what happend with you and your Guardian life. To dearest meganfrost89, I thank you for continuing this awesome fanfic. I hope the story won't end soon. Thank you for also allowing me to post your fanfic here in my DA account.
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